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Disney Just Confirmed Some MAJOR Details About Its Upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Ride

It has been over a year since Disney confirmed during the 2017 D23 Expo in Anaheim that a Guardians of the Galaxy-inspired attraction would be added to Epcot's Future World, and in this time we've only gotten a few little updates here and there about what we can expect from this somehow still-unnamed attraction. However, at the IAPPA trade show on November 14th Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Bob Chapek finally confirmed some new details about this upcoming attraction, including something that recent Epcot visitors probably already guessed... 

1. The show building is going to be the biggest at Epcot by a LONG shot

Image: Disney

Disney has a reputation for building massive showbuildings and expertly hiding them, but with the new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction they may finally be constructing something that is too big to easily blend in with its surroundings or tuck behind a facade. Though guests who have been to Epcot over the past few months have doubtlessly seen the boxy skeleton of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy attraction building looming over the front of the park, Bob Chapek confirmed today that the building that houses this ride was going to be so big that it could fit FOUR Spaceship Earth attractions inside it, which is a truly staggering statistic.  

Of course, this isn't totally surprising as this "one-of-a-kind family attraction" was previously confirmed to be one of the world’s longest enclosed roller coasters upon completion, but still, the idea that you can fit four of Epcot's most iconic show building inside this one attraction is astounding, and will definitely change the Epcot skyline forever. However, while the scale of this attraction's building was truly shocking, we also learned a little something about what is going in this building as well...

2. This "storytelling" coaster will have specially-designed vehicles 

Image: Disney

As rumored previously, Disney has developed a new ride system for this attraction that will feature elevated roller coaster trains that conceal track underneath, and can also move independently, spinning around to face screens or setpieces, similar to the roller coaster trains used by Universal's Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts attraction

According to Chapek, these new ride vehicles are designed to make this a “storytelling coaster" with each car will "programmed to point riders in the direction of elements throughout the course of the ride.”

Though construction at Epcot is still focused on the showbuilding, a prototype of this new ride vehicle has been built off-site, and testing has already begin so when Disney is ready for track installation, everything will be ready to go!

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