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Leaked Images Show Stitch's Great Escape in PIECES

These photos could be from a single side of this attraction

Like many attractions at Walt Disney World, Stitch's Great Escape has multiple show-rooms. And while it seems unlikely, Disney could be dismantling one side of the attraction, and keeping the other open just in case they need to open Stitch's Great Escape one more time for the holiday season. While this is a bit of a stretch given the state of the attraction based on the photos above, it is at least plausible, especially since Disney has still not yet confirmed that Stitch's Great Escape is closed for good, and the attraction page is still live, albeit with a "temporarily closed" heading. 

Has Disney already decided on a replacement attraction?

Though rumors swirled last year about a potential VR-based Wreck-It Ralph attraction in this area, well-placed sources indicate that this project was shelved several months ago for unknown reasons, and Wreck-It Ralph went on to have a VR attraction at The Void in Disney Springs. What seems strange is right now there are no rumors  about what Disney could be planning to put in the area formerly occupied by Stitch's Great Escape. Though we don't know for sure, it seems like Disney is dismantling this attraction with no real plan for what to do with this space moving forward. 

Of course, we don't expect that to stay the case for long, as Tomorrowland is being reinvented with the addition of the Tron Roller Coaster, and Disney will need the extra attraction space in 2021, when the Tron Roller Coaster is expected to open.  

With this facility's unique structure, Disney could be looking at a number of options, including putting another show in this area. However, we're not so sure something like a show, with only medium capacity potential, could help keep wait times around the park low when the Tron roller coaster opens a few years from now. It seems more likely that Disney will debut something completely different in this area, though as of right now it is anyone's guess as to what. 

Image: Disney

What do you think Disney will put in this new area? Now that Disney's deal with 21st Century Fox is almost done, they technically now have access to characters from several new franchises, including Alien, The X-Files, and even Avatar (yes that Avatar). Could we see something VERY new open in this area? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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