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Leaked Images Show Stitch's Great Escape in PIECES

It has been nearly two years since Disney began seasonal operation for Stitch's Great Escape, and ever since that announcement was made, this attraction has been on deathwatch, as Disney has  a history of making attractions “seasonal” before closing them forever. However, against all odds Stitch's Great Escape came back a number of times in 2017, sometimes for several weeks at a time and over the holiday period. 

However, though rumors have swirled for several years about the imminent demise of this attraction, Stitch's Great Escape has not been open in 2018, with the pre-show space serving as a temporary meet and great a few times this year. And though this attraction has been in a bit of a limbo space over the past few months, some leaked photos seem to suggest that Stitch's Great Escape is really closed for good

1. Leaked photos posted online show animatronics in pieces

Newly-created Twitter Account BackDoorDisney has been posting some interesting photos over the past few days that seem to show various animatronics used in Stitch's Great Escape being torn apart. Elsewhere, the account also shows old chairs from the attraction stacked up in cardboard boxes, moldering away under leaky pipes. 

Of course, there is no real way to verify these photos, but based on what we have been hearing for the past several years about this attraction, it doesn't seem all that likely that Disney would be tearing down parts of this attraction, especially as it hasn't been used in nearly a year. And though this all seems pretty final (and we're 90% sure it is), there is one way that we could see Stitch again...

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