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3 Disney Price Hikes That Are Quietly Going Into Effect

This past week was a big one for Walt Disney World, as it saw the announcement of several high profile cuts at Walt Disney World, as well as the expansion of demand-based ticket pricing for all parks

However, while everyone was paying attention to all the big Disney announcements that made the rounds last week, several price hikes went into effect at Walt Disney World that you might not have immediately noticed... 

1. Quick service beverage and snack prices up all around Walt Disney World 

Image: Disney

Though we all take notice when Walt Disney World raises ticket prices every year, several days ago the resort quietly increased the price of most fountain and bottled drink selections as well as several popular snacks at quick service restaurants. Here is a list of the new prices guests can expect to pay the next time they grab something to eat or drink at Walt Disney World: 

  • Regular Size Fountain Drink is now $3.99, up from $3.29 
  • Large Size Fountain Drink is now $4.49, up from $3.69
  • Bottled Orange Juice is now $4.99, up from $4.29
  • Dasani Brand Bottled Water is now $3.50, up from $3.00
  • Bottled Soda is now $4.50, up from $4.00
  • A Mickey Premium Bar or Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich is now $5.75, up from 5.00
  • Mickey Pretzel is now $7.00, up from $6.00
  • Churro is now $6.25, up from $4.50
  • Frozen Banana is now $5.75, up from $5.25
  • Olaf Frozen Lemonade Bar is now $5.50, up from $4.75 


Image: Disney

As of this writing, prices on coffee, tea, and other beverages have not been affected by this most recent price increase, but as you can see, a wide variety of popular items have been affected by this round of rising prices, and we could see more food cost increases in the very near future. 

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