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3 Reasons Why MASSIVE Cuts are Happening All Over Walt Disney World

If you’ve been following the news out of Walt Disney World for the last several days, you may have noticed a theme: cuts are being made pretty much everywhere.  From the removal of more than half a dozen characters around the resort to the closure of a full land and the downsizing of a popular nighttime spectacular,  things are starting to look a little sparse around Walt Disney World.

And unfortunately, the cuts are going to keep coming, as rumors seem to indicate that as we head deeper into fall, we'll be seeing reduced operating hours at Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom, fewer reservation times at eateries, and potentially the temporary end of nighttime spectaculars like Fantasmic! on weekdays. 

Image: Chad Sparkles, Flickr (license)

To an outsider, these cuts may seem a little strange, especially since Disney’s most recent financial report revealed that Disney parks have been doing pretty well, with revenue and guest spending on the rise.

So then what's the problem? While Disney will never announce exactly why these cuts are happening, here are our best guesses as to what behind-the-scenes changes are prompting these massive resort-wide cuts.

1. Toy Story Land has not drawn guests, and overall attendance is far below projections

Image: Disney

Though we don't have access to Disney's official internal attendance projections, Disney likely expected 2018 to be a pretty flat year at Walt Disney World in terms of attendance. Though its true that many guests are probably looking at delaying their visits so they can check out Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Disney was probably hoping that the June opening of Toy Story Land would help buoy the resort and boost attendance just enough to keep things chugging along during the second half of the year. 

However, according to inside sources, this has not happened, and guest levels have crashed in a major way, sinking to levels not seen since 2008. And of course, with guests not in the park and spending money, Disney is now in a rush to look for ways to save cash during this slow time. However, though this is the most obvious reason for the recent cuts happening at Disney parks, it is not the only one impacting the resort...

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