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7 Walt Disney World Attractions Closing in the Near Future

The last several days have been very eventful for Disney parks fans, as a number of closures and cuts have been announced recently, some of which we expected, and others that caught us completely off guard. With so much going on, we've prepared a handy list of everything that is closing (either temporarily or permanently) over the next few months. And unforutnately, it looks like a lot of these closures are happening sooner rather than later... 

1. Star Lord and Groot character experience 

Date: September 29

Status: Closing permanently

Though the Guardians of the Galaxy ride is still a few years away, it looks like the Guardians of the Galaxy will be taking a break from Walt Disney World for now, as the Star Lord and Groot meet and greet at Disney's Hollywood Studios will be ending on September 29th. This space is often used for character meet and greets related to upcoming movies, so it is possible that we could see a Wreck-It Ralph character come here soon to promote the upcoming sequel. 

2. Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Date: September 29

Status: Going seasonal

Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away has been performed since April 2016, but will be closing for several months after September 29th. During this closure, Disney will do some maintenance on the Center Stage area of the park, after which this (now seasonal) attraction will return before the holiday season. And though it hasn't been confirmed, rumors suggest that the march of the stormtroopers will also be downsized during this time as well. 

3. Captain Jack Sparrow's Pirate Tutorial 


Date: September 29

Status: Closing permanently

Also on September 29th, Captain Jack's Pirate Tutorial, which has been part of the Adventureland lineup at the Magic Kingdom since 2006, will also be sailing off into the sunset. No replacement for this long-running interactive character experience is expected. 

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