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MASSIVE Budget Cuts Hit Walt Disney World as Attendance Slows

2. Character attractions close across the resort

The last time Disney Parks and resorts ran into budget issues (reportedly because of the pricey opening of Shanghai Disneyland), character experiences were the first thing that got cut, and unfortunately, it looks like the same thing is happening this time around, with the following experiences confirmed to be going away before the end of the month: 

  • The Star Lord and Groot meet and greet inside Walt Disney Presents at Disney's Hollywood Studios will be ending on September 29th. 
  • Also on September 29th, Captain Jack's Pirate Tutorial, which has been part of the Adventureland lineup at the Magic Kingdom since 2006, will also be sailing off into the sunset. 

3. The Citizens of Hollywood get cut, again

© Disney Image: Disney

Though the Citizens of Hollywood were cut back pretty substantially back in 2016, it looks like Disney is taking another big bite out of this iconic streetmosphere crew, as several characters will be retired by the end of the month, including Dorma Nesmond, Paige Turner, Dara Vamp, and Officer Prime Brody. With only a few characters remaining, its hard not to wonder if Disney might cut this entertainment offering entirely sometime in the near future, but for right now, it looks lite what's left of the Citizens of Hollywood will soldier on for the time being. 

4. Backstage cuts are probably happening too, and we could see more overt cuts in the near future

Image: Chad Sparkles, Flickr (license)

Unfortunately, as is generally the case with budget cuts, there are also some backstage cuts going on as well that will see the number of "onstage" cast reduced as the park cuts corners where they can. Though this won't affect guests directly, it is an unfortunate reality for hourly cast members who will have to deal with reduced hours while these cuts are in effect. 

Hopefully this will be the end of the cuts for the year, and things will pick up before the end of the year. However, if things continue to be slow at Walt Disney World, we could see reduced hours at some attractions and the reduction of some additional entertainment options as fall wears on. Only time will tell at this point, but here's hoping things pick back up soon so we won't see any more negative changes at Walt Disney World before the new year. 

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