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4 Surprising Things We Learned from Disney’s Latest Financial Report

3. Hotel occupancy is down again

Image: Disney

Although revenue from Disney Parks in the US is up due in part to higher room rates, Disney did reveal that hotel reservations at domestic resorts were down once again this quarter, this time by 2 percent. Though there are probably plenty of factors at work behind this minor downturn, Disney specifically blamed reduced inventory and refurbishments for this slip in hotel stays during the summer. And if this is indeed the cause behind this unfortunate development, it looks like it might be some time before Disney completely recovers, as the current major refurbishment/expansion projects at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort as well as Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort are not scheudled to finish up until next year. 

4. Shanghai Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland get attendance boosts

Image: Disney

Shanghai Disneyland continues to prove itself as a worthwhile investment for Disney's Parks and Resorts division, as this quarter saw increased attendance for this park, despite lower ticket prices and some marketing cutbacks for this resort. 

In addition to the continuing positive results at Shanghai Disneyland, this past quarter also saw some growth at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort as well, which saw an increase in occupied room nights and a boost in attendance.

Are you surprised by any of Disney's financial results? Let us know your thoughts about all of this in the comments below! 

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