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4 Confirmed and Rumored Refurbishments Coming Soon to Walt Disney World (July 2018)

Disney parks are constantly changing their refurbishment schedules, making it difficult for guests to keep up with the operating times and latest news regarding their favorite attractions, resorts, shops, and restaurants. Here are a few big, upcoming changes that are either confirmed by their respective parks or at the least very strongly rumored for the very near future.

This month's refurbishment update includes two confirmed refurbishments happening this summer at the Magic Kingdom, plus a rumored refurbishment at Disney's Animal Kingdom that fans have been waiting over a decade for. 

1. Prince Charming Regal Carrousel (Magic Kingdom)

Status: Confirmed

Dates: July 12 - 30, 2018

The Magic Kingdom's Prince Charming Regal Carrousel attraction has been under refurbishment for several weeks now, with large tarps covering the parts of the attraction that were being worked on. However, this attraction has now closed for the final phase of this refurbishment and will remain unavailable for nearly three weeks from now through July 30, reopening to guests on July 31. No big changes to this attraction are expected, with Disney likely using this extended closure time to touch up the paint and perform some routine mechanical maintenance on one of Fantasyland's most iconic attractions.

2. Be Our Guest (Magic Kingdom)

Status: Confirmed

Dates: August 20-24

Earlier this year, Disney announced that one of the most popular eateries at the resort, Be Our Guest, would be introducing a new prix fixe dinner menu beginning July 27, in just a few weeks. And though this change has proven to be a little bit controversial, it looks like this restaurant will also be closing for a short refurbishment this summer following this change. According to Disney's official calendar, Be Our Guest will be unavailable from August 20-24, but will reopen to guests on August 25th. Though we don't know exactly why this refurbishment is taking place, we'd guess some back-of-house kitchen upgrades could be happening behind the scenes during this time. 

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