Walt Disney World has announced some truly impressive expansion plans for its theme parks over the past year, which include over a dozen new attractions across its four theme parks being constructed over the next five years. However, one of their most exciting projects has actually been in the works for several years, but is now finally coming together: the Star Wars Boutique hotel. And though this new hotel was confirmed quite some time ago, thanks to some recently-filed permits, we now know some more specifics about what Disney's plans are for this upcoming hotel 

1. It will be a small hotel, and may not have dedicated parking 

Image: Disney

Last year it was revealed that in an effort to extend the Star Wars experience beyond Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (opening in 2019 at Disney's Hollywood Studios) a specialty hotel was being built that would allow fans to experience the Star Wars universe in a whole new way. Instead of just having decor "inspired" by Star Wars (like the movie-based wings of the Art of Animation) guests who stay in this hotel will be able to take part in an immersive experience designed from the ground up to be a living adventure that gives guests the chance to become the star of their own Star Wars Story. 

To help facilitate this, Disney is building this now hotel right across from where Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will be on the south side of Disney's Hollywood Studios. And now it looks like according to permits filed with the South Florida Water Management District, this experience will be a lot more exclusive than we thought, with the building only being two stories tall, and occupying a small footprint on the side of the park with a simple bus loop for transportation, and not much else. 

Image: South Florida Water Management District

In fact, even though there aren't going to be that many rooms (some have estimated this facility might only be able to house about 100 rooms total), the parking lot will be even smaller, leading some to speculate that for guests not using valet, a reserved corner of the general parking lot for Disney's Hollywood Studios will be used for guests staying this hotel. Of course, this could present quite a challenge, as Disney's Hollywood Studios will be attracting a lot more guests after Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens, and a shared park/hotel lot might create a shortage of spaces. Then again, with the new parking fees now in place, perhaps that won't be such an issue, as Disney seems to be really trying to get guests to leave their cars at home. 

But parking concerns aside, the size of the hotel is definitely an indication that Disney is trying to go for a more intimate and exclusive experience with this new hotel. And of course, since rooms will be limited, Disney can really charge top dollar for this experience, which is already rumored to cost upwards of $1000 per guest, for an all-inclusive 2-night stay. 


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