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Here's What We Know About the New Hotel That Will be a Part of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Walt Disney World has announced some truly impressive expansion plans for its theme parks over the past year, which include over a dozen new attractions across its four theme parks being constructed over the next five years. However, one of their most exciting projects has actually been in the works for several years, but is now finally coming together: the Star Wars Boutique hotel. And though this new hotel was confirmed quite some time ago, Disney recently shared some new details that have us even more excited for this project! 

Get ready to live out a Star Wars adventure.. at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Image: Disney

In an effort to extend the Star Wars experience beyond Star Wars: Galactic Edge (now confirmed to be opening in fall 2019 at Disney's Hollywood Studios) Disney has confirmed that they will be building a brand new Star Wars-themed hotel adjacent to Disney's Hollywood Studios, specifically right across from where Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will be on the south side of the park. 

While the idea of a hotel that close to the edge of the theme park may seem a little weird for regular Walt Disney World visitors, other Disney resorts around the world, including Disneyland Resort and Shanghai Disneyland, have built hotels on the edges of their theme park with access to these hotels for guests actually inside their theme parks. And that's likely what is going to happen with this new project. 

As announced previously, the idea behind this hotel isn't just to allow guests to enjoy decor "inspired" by Star Wars (like the movie-based wings of the Art of Animation), but to actually give fans the ability to be a part of the Star Wars universe by creating a wholly immersive experience designed from the ground up to be a living adventure.

Image: Disney

Inside the hotel, guests will discover a starship alive with characters, stories, and adventures that unfold all around them. Guests will be able to live and breathe their own story with themed dining, activities and more that will touch every single minute of their day, culminating in a unique journey for every person who visits. Everything from the decor to the furniture will be a part of the theme, with nothing in this hotel recalling our world. Even the windows will be themed, with views of the various planets, starships and more from the world of Star Wars visible from guests' rooms. 

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