In 2016 Disney delighted fans when they gave us our first real look at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. And though details have been coming in slower than a drunken bantha, over the past few weeks we've gotten a few small details about what to expect from the Millennium Falcon ride (which still doesn't have a name) and more! If you're excited for Star Wars Land, here are the latest updates you need to know about! 

1. Going beyond high definition

Image: Disney

Last year Disney shared the first real details about the Millennium Falcon ride, confirming that guests who board this signature attraction will actually be piloting the Millennium Falcon themselves, instead of just tagging along for an adventure the way they do in Star Tours. Though we already knew that guests would be able to turn, bank and even fire weapons in this upcoming simulation-style experience, Disney confirmed late last year that guests will not just be boarding a simulator the way that they do on other attractions like Mission: Space, but will instead be able to go through a truly accurate experience where they can climb through the hatch of this infamous spacecraft, walk through screen-accurate hallways, sit inside the cockpit, and power her up before their adventure. And while this all already sounds incredibly exciting, some additional details about the technology going into this new attraction have been revealed as well that should get guests even more excited about this new ride!

Though we've seen concept art from this attraction before, a new screenshot (posted below) from an in-progress animated sequence from the ride portion of this attraction was unveiled earlier this week. And while it might not look that remarkable at first, some of the technology confirmed to be going into this attraction sounds truly impressive. Technology partner NVIDIA recently published a blog post that details some of the work that they and additional parter Epic Games have been doing behind the scenes to develop the new technology that will drive this attraction, which include state of the art processors that will be able to synchronize five projectors at the same time for an  ultra-high resolution effect that will fully immerse riders in the word of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. 

Image: Disney

In addition, it was confirmed that graphics in this attraction will be powered by a modified Unreal Engine, which video game fans may recognize as the name behind blockbuster franchises like Gears of War, Kingdom Hearts, SoulCalibur and Fortnite. Though it may seem strange to use a video game engine in a theme park attraction, the Unreal Engine has been modified in such a way that it can produce crystal clear images, and should help bring the fantastic world of Star Wars to life in a realistic way for guests, as you can see in the image above. 


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