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4 Additional Disney Price Hikes You Might Not Have Noticed

Over this past weekend, Walt Disney World raised prices across the board on single-day tickets, multi-day tickets, and annual passes. However, even though this is the price hike that guests in 2018 will feel most immediately, some other costs at Walt Disney World went up quietly over the weekend as well, including one that guests will notice before they even get into the park...

1. Parking prices go up for both standard and preferred 

Though last year brought increased pricing to preferred parking, Disney is double-dipping this year, with the standard parking fee rising to $22 from $20 and the preferred parking climbing to $45, up from $40. It's hard to believe that just a decade ago parking at Walt Disney World was just $14, but with so many new attractions drawing guests (and Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge on the way), parking demand is increasing at a rapid pace, making this one price hike that, while annoying for guests, makes some sense for Disney to implement. 

2. The cost of a Minnie Van just went up as well 

Image: Disney

The Minnie Vans service, which allows guests staying at participating hotels to use private point-to-point transportation, has also increased in price. The flat rate service will now run guests $25, up from the previous $20 price point. This service has been quite popular around Walt Disney World, and has rolled out to every deluxe resort and is in the process of expanding to moderate and value-level resorts as well. As this service expands, we would expect to see additional price increases, but at least for the foreseeable future, this service is holding at $25 per ride, which keeps it more or less in line with the cost of other point-to-point transportation options in the area. 

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