Back in 2015, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed something that had been rumored for quite awhile: Disney’s Hollywood Studios would be getting a new name sometime in the future. This seemed like a fairly practical move, as the park had announced plans to close nearly half of its attractions by that point, and the iconic sorcerer’s hat that was associated with this moniker was in the process of being torn down. In the years since that announcement was made, Disney tested out several names via survey, including Disney's Hollywood Adventure and most recently Disney's Cinemagine Park, seemingly confirming that they were continuing on with this plan, but perhaps conceding that they weren't sure exactly what sort of name they should be going with.

However, it looks like Disney has changed their minds about re-naming this park, as it was confirmed yesterday that they Disney has officially scrapped plans to change the park's name, and will be sticking with Disney's Hollywood Studios for the "foreseeable" future. And while Disney didn't say why they cancelled the plan to change the name of this park, we have a few ideas...

Is this another cost-cutting move?

Though you might not imagine there would be much capital expenditure involved with changing the name of a theme park, think about all the places you see "Disney's Hollywood Studios" around Walt Disney World. It's not just at the entrance of the park, or near the turnstiles, it's on dozens of road signs, all over merchandise, and of course it is integrated in Disney's online services. 

For an example of how complicated a name change can be you simply have to look at what happened just a few years ago when Disney's shopping district changed from Downtown Disney to Disney Springs. Though the change was announced very quickly, things like changing signs, updating websites, installing new logos around the resort, and switching out merchandise took over a year, and likely cost the resort hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. 

Image: Disney

With so much going on around the resort, it's no wonder that the idea of changing the name of Disney's Hollywood Studios and doing all the work that would come with making such a massive switch, isn't something Disney is looking to invest in, especially as other projects (like the Main Street Theater), are being cut due to budget considerations. And then there's something else Disney may have been thinking about as well...



First of all, I'd just like to say thank you for all your posts - I do read and enjoy them almost daily. A question re a point you raise in this article - do you think Disney really do follow fanbase chatter/social media etc? and it does affect their policies?


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