Ever since the creation of paper FastPass nearly two decades ago at Walt Disney World, one of the hallmarks of this system has been the fact that it was a "perk" included with admission that didn’t require guests to pay extra. This fact put this system in stark contrast to other “line-skipping” systems like Universal’s Express Pass and SeaWorld’s Quick Queue, which are both offered as upcharges for guests.

However, last year Disney rolled out a new type of FastPass for the Disneyland resort that was billed as an “add-on” experience for guests that didn’t want to deal with paper FastPass.  Named MaxPass, this digital FastPass reservation system uses the resort's official app and costs $10 per person, per day, to use.

And while this west coast upcharge has been met with mixed results, it looks like a version of paid FastPass+ is now coming to Walt Disney World. But interestingly, this new feature will only be available for the highest-paying guests, and will cost a LOT more...

A new, paid FastPass option is coming to Disney’s highest-paying resort guests

Image: Disney

According to WFTV reporter Chip Skambis, Walt Disney World is planning to offer club-level resort guests the ability to purchase three additional FastPasses to use on a given day as part of a new upcharge offering. These three additional FastPasses will cost $50 per day, per person and can be used at any park. The service will only be offered to club-level guests who have a 3-day minimum stay, but interestingly, they come with some additional perks that could make them a lot more attractive than just regular "extra" FastPasses:

An extended FastPass+ reservation window and reserved seats for nighttime spectaculars

Image: Disney

Perhaps in an effort to add additional value to these paid FastPasses, it has been revealed that Disney will be extending the FastPass reservation window for these special premium FastPasses, as guests who purchase this add-on can book their reservations an unheard-of 90 days in advance, giving these guests first crack at getting reservations for popular attractions like Avatar – Flight of Passage, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Frozen Ever After, which all often "sell out" early as guests snap up FastPass+ reservations in advance. 

In addition to this extended reservation window, club-level resort guests who purchase these extra FastPasses will also receive a special pass for premium, reserved seating for any of the nighttime spectaculars offered at any of the four parks, according to the report. 

Image: Disney

Interestingly, though this new offering has yet to be confirmed by Disney, according to the report by WFTV, Disney is getting ready to begin offering this new upcharge option as soon as this Friday, which is quite the turnaround time for this new option. So why is Disney rushing the rollout of this new upcharge option? We have a few theories...



Personally this new paid for option annoys the heck out of me. We have booked a vacation from the UK to Disney a year in advance and chose to book to stay in a Disney property to take advantage of the extended fastpass window. Now the extra money I have paid to stay in a Disney property is likely to be wasted as "club level" guests pay the extra and take the bookings for the premium attractions before others are available to. The ability to stay in a Disney property and have the 60 day window is open to all.. now this 90 day window is only open to those who have the money to stay in Club level accommodation- would be fairer to simply offer the option to pay the extra for the earlier access to everyone.

No surprise to me. I assumed it would eventually be happening at Disney. Sadly, I feel that it’s another way they are outpeicing themselves for quite a few groups. Their numbers don’t show a decrease really though. If you have a product that people want, they WILL pay for it.

we went to WDW 2 years ago for Halloween.....at that time, we were able to get fast passes through our reservations (MDE) up to 60 days out......also if we hadn't made any and was in a park, a cast member took us to a nearby computer listing and asked us which rides we would like to go on that day and picked out the times and set it all up for us on our magic bands (love those things!) and was all for free

I will not be a big fan of this. It is already extremely hard for guests not staying on Disney property (which is ALOT) to get FastPasses anyway. This will make it even harder on those guests adding in a extra 30 days for those who want to pay.

I don't mind the pay-to-play option. But it should be available to everyone. Not just an upper echelon select group. Just because I don't book club level level resorts doesn't mean I wouldn't pay for the extra privileges. I always stay at value or moderates because I don't spend much time in my room. it's just not worth it. with the money I save I would pay for the extra Fastpass+ option. so the whole Theory of offering it to Club level guest first to test the waters doesn't make sense. Of course they're going for it, price is no object for them.

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