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Big Crowds Expected Soon at the Magic Kingdom. Here's What Disney is Doing About It

This holiday season is definitely going to be an interesting one at Walt Disney World. For the first time, all parks with the exception of Disney’s Animal Kingdom will be under construction to varying degrees, with projects at Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios having the most impact on guests. And though Pandora – The World of Avatar will certainly draw guests this holiday season, Walt Disney World is largely expecting the majority of guests to flock to the Magic Kingdom. Which is why they are making the following changes:

1. Opening as many Magic Kingdom attractions as possible

Though the Magic Kingdom has over four dozen attractions currently operating, Disney is going to be opening additional attractions at this park over the holiday season. The first, and most obvious of these attractions will be Stitch’s Great Escape, which against all odds is coming back during the week of Christmas. However, in an interesting twist it looks like the Hall of Presidents might also be opening before the holidays, even though several reports earlier this year implied that Disney was waiting until 2018. And in even more interesting news, Disney is bringing Splash Mountain back from refurbishment for just a month before closing it again in January to finish work on this attraction.

Though it may seem like a small change to add three additional attractions to this park’s lineup, Disney will also be adding extra entertainment and food options to this park over the holiday as well. So even though the wait time for Space Mountain may hit three hours, Disney will be at least trying to spread guests out as much as possible.

2. Trying to get guests to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Image: Disney

Look, there’s no sugar coating it. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is down to four rides total, which is dismal for a theme park that is one of the top five most visited in the world. However, even though there aren’t that many rides, Disney is still trying to draw guests to this park using some pretty interesting tactics. Beyond the addition of new scenes in Star Tours (which were announced months ago), Disney has added an additional new holiday show to this park, additional scenes to the park’s Frozen sing-along show, and even a free holiday souvenir magnet for annual passholders who drop by this park during the holiday season. Disney is definitely desperate to get guests to this park, and though it probably won’t move the majority of guests from the Magic Kingdom, it might get guests to spend at least one day of their vacation at this park, which might have been more than they were initially.

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