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5 Exciting New Rides Opening in 2018

3. The Fast and the Furious: Supercharged (Universal Studios Florida)

Image: Universal

Announced in 2015, The Fast and the Furious: Supercharged shares a name with the studio tour finale at Universal Studios Hollywood, but Orlando's version of The Fast and the Furious: Supercharged, which is opening sometime next year will feature a brand new storyline set in San Francisco, and will have a different ride system that will allow guests to “board specially-designed vehicles for an adrenaline-pumping ride with your favorite stars from the films.”

While we’re sure that some elements from the Hollywood attraction will remain (we’d bet much of the already-filmed footage will be repurposed at Universal Studios Florida), the ride should have enough unique elements to keep it from being a Transformers-style carbon copy of its west coast counterpart. Although we're only a year away from the opening of this new attraction, details are still scarce about what exactly will make this version of the ride different. Hopefully we'll learn much more in the coming months as Universal readies this attraction for opening next year 

4. Ray Rush (Aquatica)

Image: SeaWorld

 Aquatica is opening a brand-new family raft slide in spring 2018. Known as Ray Rush, this new attraction will combine three unique slide elements in a 60-foot tall structure, to deliver a ride experience never before seen at Aquatica. Here's what guests can expect to experience: 

First, up to four riders per raft will be launched at 33 feet per second with water jets designed to propel rafts into the first of several enclosed tube sections. Next, riders will swirl into a colossal translucent sphere which spins the raft around the slide walls before entering another enclosed tube section. Finally, riders will drop into an open-air halfpipe that looks like a manta ray. Rafts will then soar back and forth across this structure before entering an enclosed tube section ending with a splash. This attraction will carry a height restriction of 42 inches, and will be open next spring. 

5. Infinity Falls (SeaWorld Orlando)

Image: SeaWorld

Earlier this yearSeaWorld Orlando unveiled plans for an ambitious new attraction at its flagship park that, much like 2016's Mako, will break records. Named Infinity Falls, this new river-rapids ride will feature a massive 40-foot drop, which happens to be the world’s tallest drop for this type of ride. 

In addition to the stunning drop (which will be visible right at the front of the attraction), guests who climb aboard Infinity Falls will go through several twists and turns through a lush jungle environment as they experience the feel of exhilarating Class IV rapids during the four-minute ride. A unique vertical elevator will then lift each raft in preparation for the attraction's signature moment: the 40 foot launch into the river. 

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