Though we expected The Hall of Presidents to be closed for several months while the newest President of the United States was being added to this attraction, what we didn't anticipate back in January was the high level of drama that has swirled around this refurbishment. Earlier this year it was reported that there were some serious behind the scenes issues with the addition of President Trump to attraction, which was causing delays and significant show retooling. Of course, Disney promptly refuted this statement, saying that development on the updated attraction was going well and it would reopen in time for the holiday season.

While its impossible to know what is going on behind the scenes now, and an opening before the end of the year is still possible, with October already here and the holiday season right around the corner, it's starting to look doubtful will indeed open before the end of the year. And here's why:

There is no opening timetable Hall of Presidents

The Hall of Presidents officially went down for refurbishment on January 17th, and Disney originally planned to reopen this attraction six months later on June 30th. Even though this was already a long refurbishment, Disney announced earlier this year that this attraction would miss its summer 2017 reopening target date, and would likely reopen much later this fall. 

And while the refurbishment was originally scheduled through December 31, 2017 on the official Hall of Presidents attraction page, now this deadline has been removed as well, with no end date for this refurbishment currently on the page. No official reasoning has been given for this indefinite delay, but we do have a few theories about what could be causing this long wait... 

Extensive show changes and theater upgrades are taking too long

Though we can only speculate about what is happening behind the scenes, Disney has confirmed that during this refurbishment the Hall of Presidents is getting much more than just a new President Trump animatronic. When this attraction reopens, the biggest change will be the addition of a completely new show, featuring different highlights from history than what had been shown previously for the past seven years. 

In addition to the new show, a number of technical upgrades are also coming to the actual theater itself, which will be getting a new sound system, lighting and high-definition projection system and an expanded multi-screen viewing experience. 

All of these upgrades and changes are pretty major, and while Disney may have had them in mind when they first announced this refurbishment, they may not have known how involved these upgrades might have been to install. 



hmm let's forget that America has a president is that what you mean? King George lives on for some I guess.
My family and I appreciate American History and the REVOLUTION that founded this GREAT NATION!
Muppets, you must be a CALI resident go to your safe place....your mommies basement

Just replace it with a Muppets meet and greet and call it a day. Sure a few fans will complain, but in a few months it will subside, the HoP will be added to Yesterland, and that's that... no more controversy.

I'm disappointed Disney does not have something yet. I won't be going to Disney till this is reopened or they update the public. This doesn't seem right.

The real reason is that when they plugged in the Trump animatronic, it would only say, "Hall of Presidents? What a joke! They should call this dump the Hall of Air-Conditioned Nap!"

Trump will leave office, one way or another, before he records his speech for the Hall of Presidents. We all need to just move past President Narcissist and hope this attraction can reopen in 2021 if not sooner.

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