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Here's What Will Happen if Hurricane Irma Hits Walt Disney World

3. Hotels are getting ready to advise guests

As the track for Hurricane Irma gets clearer, Walt Disney World resorts are getting ready to advise guests on how to shelter in place at the resort in the event of a direct hit. Walt Disney World resort is unique as it has a number of disaster command posts that can dispatch supplies and personnel as necessary to hotels to ensure that guests have adequate supplies (which may include bottled water, food, etc.).

However, Disney will still likely advise guests to do common sense things like stay indoors, away from windows, fill bathtubs with water, etc. to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible during the storm. In addition, if conditions look especially perilous, Disney will communicate evacuation procedures to guests in the event that a move to an interior room without windows (like a ballroom or interior meeting area) becomes necessary. 

Disney's Caribbean Beach Club Resort

Guests who find themselves with a little bit of warning on property before the storm may also want to look into grabbing some supplies from outside the resort and bringing them to their hotel rooms, as one thing Hurricane Matthew taught us is that Walt Disney World isn't always equipped to get supplies out to guests efficiently, as food courts were quickly overwhelmed during last year's hurricane, and some accused the resort of price gouging when it came to boxed lunches. 

4. Closures, if they become necessary, will be announced in the next few days

Image: Chad Sparkes, Flickr (license

Last year the threat from Hurricane Matthew was enough for Walt Disney World to close all of its parks for one day as well as cancel Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. This was the first time in over a decade Disney had taken such drastic measures, but with Hurricane Irma forecasted to develop into a category 4 storm by this weekend, the potential is here once again for closures, and Disney will likely make a decision before the weekend about if and when they will close their theme parks and cancel other activities around the resort, so stay tuned! 

While Disney has yet to announce concrete plans in the event that Hurricane Irma does impact the resort this weekend, visitors can rest assured that the resort's main concern is guest safety, and Disney will take all appropriate steps to ensure that the storm has as minimal an impact on a guest's vacation as possible.

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