Though Walt Disney World is no stranger to tropical weather, this week Hurricane Irma seems to be on its way towards Florida and could have Walt Disney World in its crosshairs as soon as this weekend if current tracks remain accurate. 

Now, while Walt Disney World has plenty of safeguards in place for guests staying on property during severe weather, the resort will be taking some additional measures over the next few days as we learn more about the path of Hurricane Irma to ensure that if this storm does hit this weekend (which could change as more data becomes available), the effects will be as minimal as possible.

1. Waiving cancellation fees due to storm activity

Right now, if you are planning to arrive at Walt Disney World in the next few days, you might be a little nervous  as the storm approaches Florida. However, Walt Disney World has a standard protocol in place for such an occasion that if a hurricane watch is issued for central Florida, guests who have vacations booked during this time will be able to either reschedule or cancel their trip without having to pay the usual cancellation fee.

Though there are some exceptions to this policy (if you booked a package with airfare for instance, you’ll need to talk to your airline as Disney can’t forgive other companies' fees, and if you change dates and upgrade from a moderate to a deluxe resort in the process, you'll still have to pay the difference) Disney is very accommodating to those who are understandably uneasy about traveling to central Florida when severe weather is in the forecast and will be doing everything possible to accommodate guests impacted by Hurricane Irma. 

2. Disaster Relief Center is currently active and on alert

Right now, even though there are no hurricane watches or warnings for central Florida or Walt Disney World, a state of emergency has been declared for the entire state of Florida, which means that the resort's continuously staffed disaster relief center is now officially on alert, with trained professionals ready to spring into action the moment Hurricane Irma becomes an imminent threat. Though this location isn't in a guest area, preparations are currently being made for the worst case scenario so crews can be ready to tie down and secure guests as quickly as possible should the need arise. 



It's pretty pathetic that today's generation just wants to pick apart articles it's hard to tell where fake news is fake comments.etc Positive articles like this that actually explains something gets widely ignored.

I guess too much thinking involved it makes the SJW's minds explode when the Trump bomb hits! KABOOM! This kind of article is obviously above most people's reading skills.

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