Back in 2007, Walt Disney World announced plans for a new retail location that would be leased out to all third parties, kind of like Disney Springs, but bigger, and with third-party on-site hotels as well. However, when the US recession hit, third party interest in this new spot all but dried up, and many believed that the Flamingo Crossings project had been quietly killed by Disney. 

However, even though this project hit an almost decade-long snag, Two new hotels (TownePlace Suites, Marriott's extended-stay brand, and SpringHill Suites) were constructed on this land (near Walt Disney World's western gate) and are actually now open in on the edge of a 450 acre lot and will be constructed on Flamingo Crossings Way, right outside Disney World's western gate (where the new entrance to the resort is being built).

Flamingo Crossing

Image: Disney

Although almost everyone had forgotten that these two hotels were originally a part of this larger project, it looks like plans are re-coming together for a full-fledged shopping center to be constructed here. And this time, Disney is really shooting for the stars...

Bigger than Disney Springs?

Image: South Florida Water Management District

Though Disney Springs is already pretty expansive, early plans for Flamingo Crossings now indicate that there will be about 237,000 square feet of retail space spread out across 29 retail and restaurant buildings across approximately 45 acres. This would make this location quite a bit larger than Disney Springs in terms of store space, and much larger in terms of total space, putting the total area of this new area on par with Disney's Animal Kingdom (including the hotel developments).

In an effort to use this space as wisely as possible, Disney is hoping to employ some smart design choices with this new development, putting hotels along the fringes of Flamingo Crossings and centering retail and dining locations around a central town center area that will feature grocery stores, which is something that has never been readily available on Disney property before. 

Flamingo Crossings

Image: Disney

This project is certainly ambitious, as Disney Springs is already quite big, and Flamingo Crossings is really looking to take things to the next level. However, even though Flamingo Crossings will be much grander in scale than Disney Springs, there's another big difference that will set this upcoming development apart from its predecessor in an important way: 



I would rather see them build another park to include more Marvel, but this will be nice too. Don't need to spend too much since we already are spending a buck. For every bit of land Disney builds on, the buy massive amounts in order to conserve it from housing projects and keep it for wildlife. Know your facts.

I am not in the least interested in another shopping and dining venue. I am also very upset about the destruction of areas for wildlife that are occurring all over Walt Disney World. When Walt build Walt Disney World, he set aside many, many miles of wildlife sanctuary. As I ride through Disney, I see so much of that being destroyed. They have destroyed areas behind the Magic Kingdom, not to mention those that were located with this new Flamingo Crossings will be. It brings me to tears to see what this money hungry corporation is doing to the animals that have come to call those areas their homes. All for money. Money is the root of all evil, and the magic is going out of Disney. Iger and his minions need to be stopped before Walt Disney World is nothing but a paved over parking lot with attractions, restaurants, shopping venues and hotels. What happened to not wanting it to be seen from the highways? Not so anymore. Please join me in raising our voices to protect what is left of the original concept, as well as the wildlife that call that area home.

The last thing the residents of west Orange County need is this center. Traffic is already getting bad with no road improvements.
This just goes to show you that Disney done not care about who they affect. As long as they make a buck.

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