Disney’s Hollywood Studios has long been a park suffering from an identity crisis. Longtime Walt Disney World fans will remember this park used to be called Disney-MGM Studios, a reflection of Disney's intent to use this park to house real studio activity inside a theme park where guests could learn behind-the-scenes secrets. 

However, production at this park never really took off, and to reflect this reality, Disney changed the park’s name to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2008. By this time the park had become a tribute to the making of movies, rather than a physical place where movies were made, so this name change made a lot of sense.

Image: Christian Lambert, Flickr (license)

Fast forward to 2015, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed what we’ve suspected since 2014: that Disney’s Hollywood Studios is once again going to be getting a new name. However, though this development was made official more than two years ago, not much has been said about it since, with Disney focusing in the past two years on announcements related to Star Wars Land, Toy Story Land, and even the newly-confirmed Grand Avenue. But of course, just because Disney isn't saying anything officially doesn't mean this is not happening. 

Late last week social media reports surfaced online that seemed to indicate that Disney is once again trying to feel out new names for this park, and are considering a number of possibilities for this reimagined park, including the following options, included in the survey: 

  • Disney Kaleidoscope Park
  • Disney Storyverse Park
  • Disney Hyperia Park
  • Disney Beyond Park
  • Disney Cinemagic Park
  • Disney Legends Park
  • Disney XL Park
  • Disney Cinemagine Park

Image: Disney

It's impossible to know if any of these suggestions are real (could you really imagine going to "Disney XL Park"?) it looks like the plan to change the name is still going full steam ahead. And here's why:



At this point, Disney's Hollywood Adventure only makes sense of both DHS and DCA are renamed. All the names on the list are worse then Galaxy's Edge :(.

Legendary Kindgom.

My personal fav is Worlds And Legends Theme Park.

As long as it's fun and gets a much needed makeover who cares what they cpak it?

I think the words Disney and park need not to be incorporated into the new name,I mean magic kingdom and Epcot doesn't have this,quests do not have to be reminded that they're in Disney or a park...a simple name like Imaginations,Fantasy,or something deeper like ERADA!(escape reality and dream away)

Wow those names are pretty terrible. The one that fits the most is Disney's Hollywood Adventure. Only problem is there's a little park just down the road with Adventure in it's name too. And to further confuse the consumers, that Adventure park features Disney's Marvel characters. I guarantee you that is the reason why they haven't settled on a name yet. The name that fits the identity of the park perfectly is also the one that will cause the most confusion.

What about Disney's Hollywood Kingdom?

Then they can rename Epcot Disney's 80's Kingdom.

Bla, bla, bla. Disney's Hollywood Studios is a brand. People get it. Things don't have to be so literal. There is still going to be a Hollywood Blvd. and a Sunset Blvd. and now a Grand Ave. Just leave the name alone. It doesn't matter. The average guest could care less.

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