Last year Disney’s Hollywood Studios quietly got a new Muppets-themed land after the areas that would become Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land were walled off. Named Muppets Courtyard, this new land encompassed the only remaining vestiges of the original Streets of America Land, including the MuppetVision 3D attraction, as well as Mama Melrose’s and PizzeRizzo.

The addition of this new land was exciting for fans of the Muppets, not only because these characters finally got a named land within Walt Disney World, but it also because it paved the way for additional Muppets-related attractions to eventually come to this park down the road.

However, it looks like Disney has reversed course regarding this new land, and have announced that it will be going away forever in the next few weeks. And here's why:

The Muppets Courtyard is officially being replaced by Grand Avenue

Image: Disney

It was announced earlier this week that the Muppets Courtyard, along with a portion of the former Streets of America, is being re-imagined by Walt Disney Imagineering to become a new area called Grand Avenue. If this name sounds familiar to you, its because Disney announced last week that it would be introducing a new land that would encompass some of the old Streets of America facades as well as a new watering hole in the former Writer's Stop named the Baseline Tap House. However, it new looks like Disney's plans for Grand Avenue extend beyond this small area of the park, as this new land will encompass both this reopening area as well as the entirety of the Muppet Courtyard. 

Inspired by the spirit of present-day Downtown Los Angeles, the now-confirmed Grand Avenue "land" (which is actually based by a real street in California) will feature some familiar facades with some new colors designed to recall the look of vintage office buildings and warehouses that are common in Los Angeles.

Now while you may wonder how this is going to fit in with the erstwhile Muppet Courtyard, Disney has actually been making some subtle changes to this land that will help with this transition, including renaming the MuppetVision theater, the "Grand Arts" theater. 

And though the changes have been minor so far, could bigger adjustments be on the way for this section of the park? 



i think the muppets should stay forever

As much as I love Muppetvision3D, it's days are numbered. It hurts, but I can accept that. My concern about Muppetvision3D being removed is on a different note. That was the last project Jim Henson worked on before he died. If memory serves, he died just before post-production was finished. Being the final work by a legendary artist, Muppetvision3D needs to be preserved in one fashion or another. Even if it just an on-demand blueray release, this (hilarious) final work by an amazing artist needs to remain available.

Although I'm gonna miss MuppetsVision 3D so much I think a new film would be a good change of scene. Im very excited to hear what's gonna happen.

This doesn't come as a surprise. The subtle changes are what surprises me, like the change in "venue" name. I was hoping that the Muppets would get their own little "land", but it doesn't seem like that will stick.

It seems to me that Disney's build it tear it down philosophy and it's repaint it and rename it attitude is evidence of lack of leadership. They continue to tout all the NEW things they're doing.....but most of the NEW has been a disappointment. For once I'd like to know what their motivation is for this hap hazard approach is about. With the exception of Avatar, nothing is really new at Disney worth seeing. They continue to water down Epcot with "film" oriented additions, built a "new" disappointing Fantasy land, and continue to raise prices for very little meaningful improvements. Despite all their changes, they still don't have a park that competes with Magic Kingdom. It looks like they're running scared with the competition Universal has presented with it's Harry Potter rides. Come on Disney, get it together. They might as well close Hollywood Studios until they have something more than promises to offer.

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