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5 Confirmed and Rumored Changes Coming Soon to the Magic Kingdom

Though the Magic Kingdom doesn't have large construction projects going on like those underway at Disney's Hollywood Studios and Epcot, this generally-consistent park has actually gone through a number of changes recently, and with attendance in doubt after a lackluster summer, it looks this park is making even more changes to help cope with these fluctuations. 

From two confirmed refurbishments kicking off this month to a permanent cut already in effect at Adventureland, here are all of the changes happening this month at the Magic Kingdom 

1. A Pirates Adventure - Treasures of the Seven Seas gets a big cut

 Treasures of the Seven Seas

Image: Disney

Perhaps as a direct response to lower attendance, Disney has announced that they are making a big cut to A Pirate's Adventure - Treasures of the Seven Seas, which is a fun scavenger hunt that leads guests on a fun little interactive journey around Adventureland that includes a number of animatronics and fun effects.

Though this experience was previously available from park opening until an hour or two before closing, Disney has slashed operating hours for this activity, effective immediately. Guests who want to experience this activity will now have to head over the recruitment pavilion from noon until 6:00 PM daily.

While this experience is certainly fun to do once, it doesn't have much replay-ability, which may be causing less interest in this activity, which could also explain Disney's reason to cut this attraction's hours.  

2. Liberty Square Riverboat now closed for refurbishment 

It was confirmed several weeks ago that the Liberty Square Riverboat attraction will be closed for its annual refurbishment beginning this week from August 1-10. Because of the refurbishment, Tiana's Riverboat Party will not operate during this time, but Guests can still meet Princess Tiana at Princess Fairytale Hall in Fantasyland. This refurbishment is for regular maintenance to be done on this Magic Kingdom mainstay, and when it reopens on August 11th, it should be exactly the same as guests remember it. 

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My heart was in my mouth ... we had big plans to go and for the third time in a row (or is it the fourth?) it has been delayed/cancelled. I thought the changes would be disastrous ... I'm glad Splash is closing only for refurbishment - hopefully we won't lose one of my favourite rides forever ... devastated at how much we've lost ... thought I'd make one final ride on Ellen and GMR but now that can't happen! :(. I wish they would stop changing my favourite rides


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