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4 Rumors About the Future of Disneyland We Can't Ignore

To say that expectations are high for the 2017 Disney parks panel at the D23 Expo (taking place this weekend) would be a pretty massive understatement. From a complete overhaul of Epcot to a potentially thrilling new addition to the Magic Kingdom, the rumor mill has been working overtime over the past few days, with excitement about the future of Walt Disney World reaching a fever pitch. However, even though there are over half a dozen projects rumored to be announced for Disney's Orlando resort, there are some other announcements that could be made at this upcoming event for Disney’s OTHER resort as well.

Though the big news recently out of Anaheim has been the opening of the Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission BREAKOUT ride as well as the new re-vamped Fantasmic! and the implementation of a paid FastPass system, this resort also could be on the verge of its own reinvention…and we may be hearing about it very soon!

1. Marvel Land will finally get fleshed out

Image: Disney 

You may not recall it, but back in 2015 Disney basically confirmed that it was building a Marvel Land at Disney California Adventure, with rockstar Imagineer Joe Rohde overseeing the project. In the years since, Disney has opened the aforementioned Guardians of the Galaxy attraction as sort of a “starter” attraction for this new land. And now that this attraction is a certified hit with guests, Disney will likely be looking to move forward as quickly as possible with the rest of its plans for Marvel Land now that it has some real confidence in the project. So what might the announcement of this new land?

According to Disneyland source MiceChat, Disney is currently looking at taking over the land currently occupied by A Bug’s Land for the newly expanded Marvel Land, and could be demolishing this area in the very near future to make way for a new Marvel-themed thrill ride, as well as shops and dining for this reimagined area.

While we of course don’t have confirmation of this development for sure just yet, it seems very likely that Disney will use the D23 panel platform to make an official announcement, especially because of a project over at Disneyland that we’re also expecting to hear a lot more about at this year’s D23 Expo…

2. Star Wars Land at Disneyland gets detailed

Image: Disney

Though all eyes are on Star Wars Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it is important to remember that Disneyland is also getting its own version of Star Wars Land as well, and even though both are projected to open in 2019, Disneyland is rumored to be opening its version first thanks to speedier construction times on the west coast. It makes a great deal of sense then, that Disney would reveal concrete details about Disneyland’s Star Wars Land at this year’s D23, potentially going in depth about what the ride experiences in this new land will be, as well as potentially some of the differences between the east and west coast version of this new land. And speaking of Star Wars Land…

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