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Another Epcot Rumor Has Surfaced. And This One is MASSIVE

Over the past few weeks a number of rumors about the future of Epcot have surfaced, including whispers about the end of IllumiNations, plus new attractions in both the France Pavilion and Future World. And even though these three rumors are already quite a lot to take in, another rumor has surfaced in recent days that could really shake things up at the back end of the park. According to well-placed sources, it looks like a whole new country pavilion could be coming to the World Showcase in the very near future.

As you might already know, when Epcot first opened, the World Showcase was designed with several expansion pads so that more countries could be added later. However, while plans have been drawn up over the years for pavilions based on Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Israel and more, these plans never materialized, and the only country to be added since Epcot opened in 1982 was Norway, which was added in 1988. But now there’s another country that may be added soon, and its one that would make a lot of sense for a number of reasons…

Could Brazil be joining the World Showcase soon?

Image: Jrbresolin, Wikimedia Commons (license)

It’s interesting to think that even though the World Showcase has some diversity, there are actually no pavilions at all that represent the southern hemisphere. However, if recent rumors are correct, it looks like Brazil may be the first country from the other half of the globe to join Epcot's global microcosm. And if you think about it, this move actually makes a lot of sense.

With over 200 Million citizens, Brazil is the most populous country in South America, and is the fifth most populous country in the world, after China, India, the US and Indonesia.  Brazil is also the fifth largest country in the world by size, and recently played host to the 2016 summer Olympics. With all this in mind, there can be no doubt that Brazil certainly “deserves” to be represented inside the World Showcase. However, there is also a more practical reason why Disney may be considering adding this new pavilion: tourism.

One of the big reasons why Disney attendance has been weak in recent years is a slowdown in international tourism, especially from the South American region, thanks to a regional economic downturn. And as you might expect, travel from Brazil in particular has been lackluster as a result, with the iconic tour groups from this country all but vanishing in recent years.

However, if Brazil is indeed joining the World Showcase in the next few years, you can bet that locals will show up to enjoy this new pavilion. And while nothing is concrete right now, we do have some idea about what might be inside this potential pavilion (and more importantly, where it might be located!)

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There are 7 comments.

Norway and Morocco. Not just Norway.

Not only Norway was added after 1982! You forgot Morocco! It opened on September 7, 1984. ;-)

Cast Members have been talking about this pavilion going next to Germany, but it is most likely going to be Spain that comes. They are announcing that Dpain will be coming at D23 Expo, but it could also be Brazil that is coming.

Morocco opened in 1984 in World Showcase

I thought the moroccan pavilion also opened after opening day?

I am actually not sure a Brazil Pavilion would really help bring Brazil tourists back IF the economy remained shaky. If people had the money to visit, they would, regardless of whether or not there is a Brazil pavilion. Maybe a dedicated pavilion moves the needle a little bit, but I think the overall economic picture would supersede.

It doesn't make any sense to me why someone would fly all the way from Brazil to Florida to see a pavilion of...Brazil??


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