There’s no denying that Pirates of the Caribbean is an iconic attraction. The Disneyland version in particular, which is the original, has long held a special place in the hearts of fans, thanks to its unique story and historical relevance. However, over the past few years, both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World versions of this attraction have been subject to periodic updates, mainly to tie the attraction to the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise.

And though these additions do make a certain sense, they weren’t exactly a popular change, as nostalgia for the original version of this attraction runs very high among Disney fans. However, now it has been announced that yet another change is coming very soon to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, and this one actually has nothing to do with any of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, at least directly... 

We want the redhead! To help us move things! 

Image: Disney

One of the most iconic lines in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, aside from “Dead men tell no tales!” occurs near the Take a Wench for a Bride scene, where some excited pirates shout “We want the redhead!” as a beautifully costumed lady (presumably for sale) poses in the foreground. Though this scene is iconic enough to have inspired pins, shirts, and countless additional merchandise over the years, Disney has made a rather strange decision about this part of the ride: they will be removing it entirely from the Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney World and Disneyland versions of this attraction. 

Now, instead of a “bride auction” scene, guests will see the same characters, but in different roles. Instead of selling off wenches, guests will see pirates transporting stolen goods, with the infamous redhead now becoming a pirate herself (complete with her own gun!) and assisting with the taking of the items from the townsfolk

Image: Disney 

Interestingly, the first people to see this new scene will be those in Disneyland Paris, which will be reopening its version of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction after an extensive refurbishment that will conclude next month on July 24th, 2017. While no exact date was given for the changes at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, it looks like Pirates of the Caribbean will go down for refurbishment at both these parks sometime next year, and will then reopen after a few weeks with this new “improved” scene. 

This is certainly an unexpected change, and is dismaying to many who enjoy the original version of this attraction. So, the question becomes: why is Disney making this change?



So slavery = bad, but being a pirate = ok. But selling slaves is part of what pirates did, so then slavery must = ok..?????? Dear Disney - LEAVE IT ALONE! We come to Disney to get away from the real world and that includes all the politically (in)correct BS as well.

Yes - A politically correct Pirates ride showcasing a would be assassin. What's next - Gay pirates romancing Spanish Gentlemen. - Oh dear, the ride is offensive to Spanish speakers, we need a generic European outpost, or maybe one just filled with capitalists. Kill the evil westerners - replace the ride completely with a simulated black lives matter riot in Chicago. Introduce a scene with the severed heads of politicians. Walt's heritage just keeps on being debased by hideous, offensive, bigots.

I would say that not having a depiction of women being sold into slavery in a Disney attraction is a positive thing. Going to a Disney park should be a positive experience for everyone. Women and girls, especially young girls, don't be really need to see a depiction of slavery while on a Disney ride, do they? Girls should leave empowered after seeing awesome female pirates joining in the adventures! I support the alteration.

I'm a big fan of the Pirates ride but I really don't see a problem with these changes. Now if they changed the "Dead men tell no tales" quote or changed the two ships firing cannons at each other then that would be a problem but this is more minor and I think it's always nice to see something at least slightly different each time anyway. My big problem with changes at Disneyland was when I was last there in 2015 and the Jungle Cruise didn't travel behind the waterfall so we didn't get the "back of water" joke. That was a big disappointment. It would be the same if they ever removed the "my siesta's are getting chorter and chorter" line from the Tiki Room but this change to Pirates is ok with me.

Newsflash; pirates ARE bad people! Are they going to change the scene where the mayor is being TORTURED so it's something more friendly? Or do we not care about how awful that scene is because it's happening to a MALE? -_-

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