Though we expected The Hall of Presidents to be closed for several months while the newest President of the United States was being added to this attraction, what we didn't anticipate back in January was the high level of drama that has swirled around this refurbishment. Last month, it was reported by Vice that there has been some serious behind the scenes issues with the addition of President Trump to attraction, which was causing delays and significant show retooling. 

And while these were just rumors at the time, now that we're just a few days before this attraction is scheduled to reopen, we have some concrete facts about what exactly is going on with the Hall of Presidents, and when guests can expect this refurbishment to finally end. And as you might have guessed, it won't be any time soon....

The Hall of Presidents will remain closed through the summer, and potentially the fall as well

The Hall of Presidents officially went down for refurbishment on January 17th, and Disney originally planned to reopen this attraction six months later on June 30th. Even though this was already a long refurbishment, it looks like fans of this attraction will need to wait even longer to experience it again, as Disney has said that this attraction will miss its summer 2017 reopening target date, and will likely reopen much later this fall. 

However, interestingly, Disney has declined to provide a definite reopening date, with the refurbishment scheduled through December 31, 2017 on the official Hall of Presidents attraction page. While statements made to Orlando's local News 13 from an official Disney spokesperson suggest that Disney is trying to reopen the attraction in time for the holidays, right now there doesn't seem to be a definite timeline for the end of the refurbishment. Which brings us to another recently-confirmed development...

President Trump will make a speech inside this attraction

Image: Michael Vadon, Flickr (license)

Earlier this year reports surfaced that suggested that Disney was hoping to distance itself from the current political climate in the United States, which has been increasingly volatile since President Trump took office, by re-working the show so President Trump wouldn't have a speaking role. However, according to the official Walt Disney World spokesperson who gave a statement to News 13, this is not the case and President Trump will indeed have a speaking role when the attraction reopens. 

This shouldn't really come as a surprise, as every sitting president since Bill Clinton has recited a speech inside the Hall of Presidents. But still the argument was made that Trump is a more divisive figure than any of the previous presidents that have made speeches inside this attraction, which might have been cause enough for a change in strategy. However, it looks like Disney has opted to stick with tradition for this new addition, and The Hall of Presidents will feature a speech by President Trump when it reopens later this year.

However, while we now know that the speech element of the attraction will be kept, the content of the speech may actually be still causing some controversy...



Thank you for the article. I have been wondering if we will get to see the addition of President Trump in this attraction soon. Love it or hate it, I'm sure people will still want to see how Disney does this.

This article never actually explained what the hold up is.
The title of the article specifically says, "Here's Why" But it never explains why.

Yes trump is a decisive president. And?
Because the news media has made up this crap about him and 1/2 the country hates him, why exclude him from the Hall of Presidents.

I despised Obama. So did about 1/2 the country for 8 years. He tripled racial tensions in this country so bad that it's set the country back at least a decade.
But they gave him a speaking role.

A speech that I would sleep through just so I didn't have to listen to Obama's garbage. But it was there and I respected the fact that he was the president.

This crap is ridiculous!

Kudos to Disney for not caving in to pressure from the left.
Whatever your political beliefs he's our Nation's 45th President & should be honored as such as all his predecessors since Clinton!

If you think the US is suddenly now polarized than it ever has been, crack open a history book. The country has been riven by ideology and politics since George Washington called it a career. It just seems worse when Disney stars are publicly calling for the new guy to get whacked.

The fact of the matter, whether you like it or or are angered by it, Trump is the president and will be recorded in history. Either way Disney goes, it has the possibility of upsetting 50% of their guests. The best bet is to do what they are doing, play it on the neutral field and follow what they always have done. This too will pass, and with History and with the Hall of Presidents, Trump will be there.

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