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The 11 BIG Changes That Are Coming to Walt Disney World (Summer 2017 Edition)

3. DisneyQuest officially closing in a few weeks

Back in 2015, it was announced that DisneyQuest was going to close for good sometime in 2016 to make way for a new sports-based facility: the NBA experience. Though no official date was ever revealed, Disney stopped including DisneyQuest admission with top-tier annual passes immediately, and Cast Members were notified that they were likely going to be relocated in the near future.

However, as you undoubtedly already know, 2016 came and went, and Disney Quest never did close. Behind the scenes, rumors swirled about what was going on with this location, with several sources claiming that Disney's negotiations with the NBA had broken down over construction costs associated with the project as well as issues with the projected theme.

However, even though this project seemed to have stalled for a bit, it was confirmed earlier this year that Disney really is still looking to bring the NBA Experience concept to Disney Springs, and the first step towards making that goal a reality will be the closure of DisneyQuest on July 2nd. And yes, it looks like they actually mean it this time.

Fortunately, during this location's last day, Florida residents as well as annual passholders can purchase up to five discounted tickets to DisneyQuest for $33.75 ($29.25 for ages 3-9), which is 25 percent off the regular ticket price. 

2. The last days of Disney's Hollywood Studios

Image: Disney

Back in February 2015, the remnants of the Sorcerer's Hat at Disney's Hollywood Studios came down. And though it has been two years since that hat was destroyed, insiders suggest that this park will be getting a whole new identity sometime in the near future, perhaps in time for either Toy Story Land or Star Wars Land to open in 2019. Though we don't know what the new name of this park will be or when it will take effect, one thing is for sure: the days of "Disney's Hollywood Studios" are numbered. 

1. Toy Story Land is on the way for Disney's Hollywood Studios 

Image: Disney

Toy Story Land was officially announced in 2015 during the D23 convention, and as expected it will take over the space that was formerly occupied by the Studio Backlot Tour. Though we don't know when this new land might open (though we're thinking it must be before 2019's opening of Star Wars Land) we do have a lot of information about the new attraction lineup for this new land. 

Image: Disney

First up is a family-friendly roller coaster with vehicles shaped like Slinky Dog that will zoom around a winding track, passing through tunnels and other landmarks around Toy Story Land. The second attraction, named Alien Swirling Saucers (don't try and abbreviate that) is inspired specifically by the first Toy Story film and will be designed to look like a play set found in Andy’s room, and will allow guests to board rocket shaped toy vehicles while aliens fly around in toy flying saucers wielding “The Claw”, which will dangle menacingly above. 

We don't have an official opening date for this land yet, but many are suggesting that a 2018 debut will be announced at the D23 Expo this summer. 

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There are 2 comments.

Disney commented on the Jungle Cruise story and said they have no plans to change it. You are reporting it as an absolute. Maybe do your homework before writing things like this.

They just changed the name of Disney's Hollywood Studios and you think they want to do it again? Hopefully the new Toy Story Land doesn't resemble Dinosaur Land in the animal kingdom.


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