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Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout is a Hit. Here’s What Disney is Planning Next

The mysterious characters at the media event

Image: Disney 

According to MiceChat, during a recent media event promoting this new attraction, several people were seen near the land in orange hazmat suits entering a tented area. Interestingly, guests who tried to go check out this area were not able to ask any questions and were instead met by security guards in black uniforms with the Avengers logo who then proceeded to tell them that this area was off limits. In addition to the people in hazmat and security uniforms, guests could also see a black Jeep with an Avengers logo in the vicinity as well, implying that there was some kind of "official" Avengers business going on in this part of the park. 

Though this occurrence wasn’t actually widely reported, we think we have an idea about what is going on here…

Marvel Land is about to become official in just a few weeks

Image: Disney 

Back when Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout was first announced, Disney also quietly confirmed that this new attraction would be the first of many Marvel-inpired attractions that were being developed for a whole new area at Disney California Adventure park, which would be overseen by rockstar Imagineer Joe Rohde. Though Disney stopped short of saying the words "Marvel Land" (there's probably some legal reasons for that), they did confirm last year that there are some big plans in the future to incorporate Marvel characters into  "a broader universe of Super Heroes". And though we don't know for sure, we think we know when Disney is going to announce and announce this new land. 

It has already been confirmed that Disney will be making some big announcements at this year's D23 Expo during a Disney Parks and Resorts panel, including an opening date (and potentially more details) for Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios. And while it hasn't been announced yet, with all this buildup, we'd guess that Disney will finally confirm Marvel Land as well, which has been rumored to be going in the parking lot area behind the Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout attraction. While we probably won't get specific details about Marvel Land quite yet, it seems likely that Disney will at least officially acknowledge this project, and give guests a few sneak peeks at attractions they are working on for expanding Marvel's presence inside Disney California Adventure, upgrading it from a few meet and greets and a ride to a full-fledged land.

Image: Disney 

Though the Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout attraction was certainly a controversial addition to Disney California Adventure, it looks like Disney feels confident enough in this new attraction to lay the groundwork for a big Marvel Land announcement at this year's D23 Expo. Are you looking forward to hearing more about this new land? What would you like to see included?   

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There are 2 comments.

It can't be called Marvel anything due to agreements with Universal. They can use any characters, but not the name Marvel in any theme park.

I think that the success of GotG MB will be a crossroads in the future of US Disney Theme Parks. I really think Disney execs are looking very carefully at this attraction and will judge response to see in what direction they will take the parks. Even though Maelstrom was the first ride to be reskinned it had more of a cult following with consistently low wait times. Taking a beloved attraction like the Tower of Terror and gutting it for the latest hot property is a risky move but if proving to be successful I think the execs will take this as a green light that audiences will tolerate more changes to beloved classics. Next up is the Jungle Cruise then who knows after that.

I'm going to call it now. I bet Marvel Land will consist of a clone of the Iron Man Ride and that's about it. Not much can fit behind the GotG MB.


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