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Say Goodbye to the Jungle Cruise in its Current Form. Here’s How It’s Changing

It’s no secret that rides change and evolve over time. That’s why we post monthly refurbishment updates so guests can keep track of what changes are coming to their favorite rides. Oftentimes, these changes are good. Star Tours: The Adventures Continues is the perfect example of an attraction that closed for a major overhaul and came back better. However, there are times when refurbishments and reimaginings miss the mark. The addition of Captain Jack Sparrow to the Pirates of the Caribbean attractions around the world has had a decidedly mixed reception from fans, many of whom wish Disney would have just left this attraction alone and done something else with the popular Captain Jack Sparrow character.

And now it looks like Disney may be trying to change another classic attraction in the same way.

In case you haven’t already heard, Disney is making a Jungle Cruise-inspired film, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. And while this already seemed like a pretty fun addition to Disney’s ever-expanding live action film slate, thanks to The Rock’s Instagram account, we now know that Disney has bigger plans for this movie that will extend far beyond the silver screen. 

1. The reimagining of the Jungle Cruise has been confirmed to be happening in the near future 

Image: Disney

According to The Rock’s aforementioned Instagram post, the actor will be partnering with Disney's Imagineers to help re-engineer and re-design the Jungle Cruise ride in all the Disney theme parks around the world. This big change will take place during a major refurbishment, which has yet to be officially scheduled sometime next year, which is incidentally when the Jungle Cruise movie begins filming (presumably for a late 2018 or early 2019 opening date)

Now of course, details in the social media post are pretty much nonexistent, and if we had to guess we’d say official plans are probably still coming together for what this “reimagined” attraction will be. However, based on previous changes to other attractions (including the aforementioned Pirates of the Caribbean), we have a good idea what might be in the works for this location... 

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There are 19 comments.

i will never go on the re-imagined ride, if they lose the spielers, lose the corniness and incorporate the rock into it to the degree that jack sparrow is in pirates...

Please keep this attraction. or at least keep a bulk of it. I don't remember PotC well, but how much has Jack Sparrow changed that ride?

As for LwtL, I've hardly seen a wait for it, so I can understand the decision to reduce staffing and go to pre-recording. TGMR, it seemed to have a decent following.

but with JC, it is a classic Walt ride, and usually long ques. I could see a staged protest where guests "take over" the boat do the spiel.

The whole reason to ride the Jungle Cruise is the corny jokes told by a live person. Without them, this is a pretty boring attraction, and I can't imagine what a movie tie in would do to change that.

Geez...just leave the ride alone. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes, corny, always fun. No need to change it just because they can.

Well, that sums it up already.
Even if I'm a big fan of The Rock... but this goes too far.

Leave the Jungle Cruz alone. I do not go to Pirates any longer as I am sick of seeing a Drunken Druggie in Clown Makeup. There are a few rides which are timeless. Pirates used to be one. Jungle Cruz the other. Nothing against 'the rock', but I'd rather pay tribute to WALT DISNEY & his vision.

"We don't know anything at all, but let's all get angry and panic anyway!" Give it like a second, geez. Not everything new is automatically bad, and not everyone feels the same way you do about it. There are years' worth of "Wow, That New Frozen Ride Is Sure Going To Suck" articles on this site; why start off on that foot with this project, if it's even happening at all? It's really off-putting that everyone "new" is presented as "bad"...

This article is based on pure speculation. I refuse to believe that skippers and their spiels are being eliminated. That would be tantamount to removing the spirit of the attraction. If the Skipper isn't a part of the Jungle Cruise, than it will no longer be the incredible experience we all know and love.

I'm always up for something new. I'm not a fan of the in-person jokes because sometimes it was too loud or very static sounding and that was annoying. Hope it applies to WDW, too.

Oh no no no no no! This is just about our favorite ride and, judging by the lines that are *always* long for it, favorite for a lot of other people, too! Would be a huge mistake to change it. They'd have to be nuts to even consider it.

no, just leave it alone !

Jungle Cruise is my FAVORITE attaction of any Disney theme park. Period. It's always the first and last attrraction I ride. Are there better attractions, more techy, more exciting? Yes. But bigger, louder and bolder aren't necessarily better. One of the things that makes JC so special - and especially the original DL version, is it's quietness. It's place-making. It's humor. It's a time-setting classic, has long-enough queue lines and I would prefer to keep it as is.

To say that this is wild and inaccurate speculation would be underselling this article. For the last 6 years, our podcast, Tales from the Jungle Crews has been documenting the oral history of the Jungle Cruise. Both the documented facts and our inside information say that changes on this scale (and based primarily on the opinions of the author) are not coming. There are things happening, but we are confident that those changes are within the scope and tone of the original intent and legacy of the Jungle Cruise- Skipper Kyle
Podcast available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play

I couldn’t be more disappointed to hear the Jungle Cruise will be refurbished and changed to more closely align with the new upcoming movie. The iconic Jungle Cruise was one of Walt Disney’s original rides when Disneyland opened in 1955. With a plethora of adorable animals, the back side of water, delightful natives, and comical skippers giving a live narrative the Jungle Cruise has been a fan favorite for four generations. Cars Land and the upcoming Star Wars Land are welcoming new attractions that add to the park. It’s unfortunate that Disney brass doesn’t value the historic nature of some longtime rides.With Hyper Space Mountain projection images of space ships bring unwanted light into our prior dark space adventure. While we all love Captain Jack Sparrow, the altering of Pirate of the Caribbean has brought mixed reactions at best around the world. We would have much preferred a new attraction with Captain Jack, than a tainting of a master piece. The refurbishments of The Matterhorn have been great because the ride was not really altered in any way, in particular to promote a new movie. Apparently the Disney brass would rather cross sell their movies than preserve the legendary nature of part of Disneyland. In the end most of Disney’s revenue doesn’t come from the family of 4 who make an annual visit. The majority of Disney revenue comes from longtime die hard Disney lovers like my friends and I. When Disney fails to meet our expectations only then when their bottom line is irked will they feel the need to listen to us. I dread the day 40 years from now when all Disneyland attractions will be a promotion for an upcoming movie and I will be assisted on and off the ride by a synthetic robot. Have you read the book “Before Tomorrow” Feel free to share my thoughts or add some of your own with your friends..David D Makki

The negative tone of this article really makes me sad :( It seems like a great choice to me to put Dwayne Johnson in the Jungle Cruise movie: he seems very outgoing, and has a wild yet very silly sense of humor. Maybe this is a good choice too; who knows, none of this, even the movie, is for sure. Have a little faith!

Sorry part of the fun of the Jungle Cruise is the "corny jokes" and the live operator. Every time you ride it's a different ride because of the different "character" at the helm. There are still long lines for the ride the way it is and its worked great for over 60 years. Why try to fix it if it isn't broken?

Why all the panic?? There isn't even a director for this movie yet, let alone any real plan to change anything about the ride. This reads like fearmongering, very silly at this stage.

I'm excited about this!! Can't wait to see what they have in store for us with this movie and update to the ride.

Censorship much? Seems like you're saying it's perfectly fine to shit on things, but it's not at all fine speak positively about them. I used to have a high opinion of this site.


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