It’s no secret that rides change and evolve over time. That’s why we post monthly refurbishment updates so guests can keep track of what changes are coming to their favorite rides. Oftentimes, these changes are good. Star Tours: The Adventures Continues is the perfect example of an attraction that closed for a major overhaul and came back better. However, there are times when refurbishments and reimaginings miss the mark. The addition of Captain Jack Sparrow to the Pirates of the Caribbean attractions around the world has had a decidedly mixed reception from fans, many of whom wish Disney would have just left this attraction alone and done something else with the popular Captain Jack Sparrow character.

And now it looks like Disney may be trying to change another classic attraction in the same way.

In case you haven’t already heard, Disney is making a Jungle Cruise-inspired film, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. And while this already seemed like a pretty fun addition to Disney’s ever-expanding live action film slate, thanks to The Rock’s Instagram account, we now know that Disney has bigger plans for this movie that will extend far beyond the silver screen. 

1. The reimagining of the Jungle Cruise has been confirmed to be happening in the near future 

Image: Disney

According to The Rock’s aforementioned Instagram post, the actor will be partnering with Disney's Imagineers to help re-engineer and re-design the Jungle Cruise ride in all the Disney theme parks around the world. This big change will take place during a major refurbishment, which has yet to be officially scheduled sometime next year, which is incidentally when the Jungle Cruise movie begins filming (presumably for a late 2018 or early 2019 opening date)

Now of course, details in the social media post are pretty much nonexistent, and if we had to guess we’d say official plans are probably still coming together for what this “reimagined” attraction will be. However, based on previous changes to other attractions (including the aforementioned Pirates of the Caribbean), we have a good idea what might be in the works for this location... 


Leave the Jungle Cruz alone. I do not go to Pirates any longer as I am sick of seeing a Drunken Druggie in Clown Makeup. There are a few rides which are timeless. Pirates used to be one. Jungle Cruz the other. Nothing against 'the rock', but I'd rather pay tribute to WALT DISNEY & his vision.

I'm always up for something new. I'm not a fan of the in-person jokes because sometimes it was too loud or very static sounding and that was annoying. Hope it applies to WDW, too.

This article is based on pure speculation. I refuse to believe that skippers and their spiels are being eliminated. That would be tantamount to removing the spirit of the attraction. If the Skipper isn't a part of the Jungle Cruise, than it will no longer be the incredible experience we all know and love.

"We don't know anything at all, but let's all get angry and panic anyway!" Give it like a second, geez. Not everything new is automatically bad, and not everyone feels the same way you do about it. There are years' worth of "Wow, That New Frozen Ride Is Sure Going To Suck" articles on this site; why start off on that foot with this project, if it's even happening at all? It's really off-putting that everyone "new" is presented as "bad"...

i will never go on the re-imagined ride, if they lose the spielers, lose the corniness and incorporate the rock into it to the degree that jack sparrow is in pirates...

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