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3 Amazing Changes Coming to Fantasmic! This Summer

Technical features have been upgraded for new, cutting edge special effects 

Image: Disney

When it debuted in 1992, Fantasmic! used cutting edge technology to wow guests with brilliant pyrotechnics and projections. And even though the actual show largely remained the same for almost 25 years, Disney has done a great job over the years of upgrading some of the technical features of this show, with new puppetry, projectors and fountains installed over the years during major refurbishments.

However, it looks like this year Fantasmic! will be getting some additional technical upgrades, with the addition of new HD projectors capable of advanced mapping, new lighting rigs, and even a completely re-done sound system. The result should be a new technical marvel that will set the standard for the next 25 years of Fantasmic! at Disneyland.

What about Fantasmic! at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

Image: Disney

Though Fantasmic! at Disneyland was the original, Disney’s Hollywood Studios introduced its own version of this nighttime spectacular in 1998. While the story is essentially the same, this east coast version of this show has a few notable substitutions, including a Pocahontas segment instead of Peter Pan, and a “bubble montage” featuring new and classic film scenes that is projected onto water sprays. 

And even though this version of Fantasmic is perhaps a little more “modern” than the version that was playing at Disneyland, (the bubble montage was recently updated to include Frozen and The Princess and the Frog), it is still very much in need of an update. However, we might have to wait some time for a new version of Fantasmic! to come to this park. 

As you might already know, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is currently dealing with much lower capacity, now that much of the park is hidden behind walls as construction continues on both Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land.  And while you might wonder what this has to do with Fantasmic!, unfortunately the reality is that Disney probably has to hold off closing another major attraction for any kind of substantial refurbishment until at least one of these new lands is open and the loss won’t be felt as much. 

Though a new and improved Fantasmic! probably isn’t in the cards for this park in 2017 (or potentially 2018), we’re sure that the Disney’s Hollywood Studios version of this attraction will be updated in the near future with its own enhanced storylines and new characters. What changes would you like to see in an updated version of this show for Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Let us know in the comments below! 

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I sooo hope they don't ditch the Pocahontas scene in Disney's Hollywood Studios version. I know Pocahontas isn't as celebrated as Pirates, but having John Smith & Pocahontas together in that show is really important to me. For about twenty years now, I have been obsessed with Pocahontas & John Smith as a couple--forget that John Rolfe guy! (Yes, I know the historical Pocahontas married the historical Rolfe, but I see Disney's Pocahontas cast of characters as FICTIONAL characters inspired by historical figures.) Having Pocahontas & Smith together in Fantasmic means I can say, "See, even Mickey Mouse prefers them together!"


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