Spring Break has brought a lot of people to the Walt Disney World resort this year, and in response to this uptick in guest levels, Disney has made a lot of changes that many guests might not have immediately noticed. However, one change that fans were very surprised by was the re-opening of Stitch’s Great Escape earlier this week, which, by all accounts, we had assumed was gone forever after the change last year to “seasonal” status. 

While this attraction is admittedly hard for the majority of guests to love, it does have its fans, and many were happy to learn that this attraction was re-opening after nearly three months of being closed. However, while this may be good news for those who enjoy this attraction in the short term, make no mistake, this attraction is still very much so on the chopping block. And here’s why: 

What seasonal status really means at Walt Disney World

2016 was a strange year at Walt Disney World. In a year that saw more than three dozen new attractions and shows open up at the resort, we also saw an unprecedented number of budget cuts as well. Cut hours, reduced entertainment, and even reduced Cast Member levels in some areas were all ways that Disney cut costs last year, and while you may be tempted to see the seasonal closing of Stitch’s Great Escape as another cost-saving measure, this is something completely different.

For one thing, Disney has a history of making attractions “seasonal” before closing them forever. The biggest example of this was the unfortunate story of the Wonders of Life pavilion, but there have been other examples in the past as well. If an attraction isn’t popular enough to keep open, then chances are good, it won’t be sticking around for much longer, which is the situation with Stitch’s Great Escape.

Image: Disney

However, even though we know that seasonal status basically means that an attraction is going to close forever soon, fans (and anti-fans) may wonder why Disney is keeping the attraction around at all. And while we don’t have the definitive answers to this question, some behind the scenes changes are likely at fault for the Schrödinger’s attraction status of Stitch’s Great Escape...



I'm a weirdo, but I am hoping it's still open when I arrive! I'll be at MK on Sunday 3/19 and would really LIKE to ride this. It's a decent experience, in my book, though I know it is an unpopular opinion. I never saw the original Alien version so I have nothing to compare it negatively to!

I think you nailed it in the article. If WDW is struggling with budget cuts, they'll certainly put their smaller renovations (Stitch) aside to focus on the large, big-name expansions (Toy Story, Star Wars) that are a good bet to bring in more visitors. It could also be that WDW isn't fully sold on developing a virtual reality attraction just yet, either.

I was recently in Animal Kingdom, and I was getting in line for Dug and Russel's meet and greet at the Wilderness Explorers Clubhouse, and Dug was nowhere to be seen! Russell was only there, and I was very sad that Dug was gone. I checked on the official WDW website, and Dug is no longer listed! Is this a temporary change? Will Dug come back? If anyone knows, please let me know.

Stitch will open once again for about a week and a half around Easter time to help relieve the crowds.

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