It may take people to make the dream of Walt Disney World a reality, but it takes busses, monorails, and boats to get the dream moving. It may sound hyperbolic, but Walt Disney World really is its own city, and as such it is constantly making changes to the various transportation options around the resort in order to better serve the guests and Cast Members who rely on Disney's complex transportation system every day. If you are going to be riding a bus, parking tram, or using any other of Walt Disney World's transportation options, here are a few interesting changes that you should probably know about! 

1. New parking trams will debut in the very near future

Image: Disney

Though the design of parking trams might not sound like the most exciting topic for discussion, when you're talking about a place as iconic as Walt Disney World, such minutia matters. And according to an article posted earlier this year in the Eyes and Ears Cast Member magazine, it looks like Walt Disney World's parking tram fleet is being completely replaced with newer models that will not only feature a quieter ride, but will also have a new color scheme that will take its cues from the Walt Disney World Monorail System.

While we don't know exactly when this new tram system will debut at the theme parks, considering several of these new models have been found parked in unused parking lots, we'd guess the official rollout of this updated fleet will be very soon, possibly in time for the upcoming Spring Break holidays. 

2. The Express Transportation upcharge gets a price hike

Late last year, Disney began offering a new Express Transportation ticket option that allowed guests to pay extra to have a special VIP bus pick them up inside the theme parks and use backstage roads to get guests to their destinations faster than regular bus service. These special Express Transportation vehicles also allowed guests to skip the security lines at the theme parks, and pick guests up at more regular arrival times than standard buses, running on a precise 30 minute schedule. 

Just three months ago, this premium option costed $15 per person for a single day, or $24 per person for multiple days. However, as Express Transportation has been quite the hit offering around the resort, and Disney has raised prices in response, with this offering now costing $19 per day or $29 for 7 days. 



Yes, I noticed many changes at Disney recently. The transportation hub at the north end of Downtown Disney, er um...Disney Springs is no longer being used. You have to go to the "west" end of Downtown Disney, er um...Disney Spring. From Disney Springs you cannot go to theme parks directly anymore...you have to go to from Disney Springs to a hotel then to a theme park. Even the employees seemed confused on which hotel had which bus service...it has them confused too...I asked a 25-year employee and she said "I can't keep up with all the changes."

Not having a direct bus to the water park would be a huge disappointment for me. It would probably cause me to no longer but the water park tickets. It just would not be with the time and inconvenience to me. I hate how long it takes to get from point A to point B at Disney. The only time the bus outweighs driving myself is at magic kingdom. This way I can the avoid ticket and transportation center boat or monorail.

I don't understand why that concept bus would be cost prohibitive, it didn't look like anything special. To retrofit the existing buses might not be a very smart idea but if we're talking about a new Fleet of buses to replace the existing aging buses then this should not be that big of a cost expenditure versus the existing bus. A magic band reader was the only technology that I could discern that would be considered special on that prototype.

I would like to correct the point about the transportation for Blizzard Beach from Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Those guests will need to go to ANIMAL KINGDOM to transfer for a Blizzard Beach bus.

Costed???????? Seriously, if you are going to blog, why not use correct grammar?

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