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Disney is Debuting New Marvel Attractions This Summer. But There's a Pretty Big Catch...

2. New limited-time attractions are coming this summer as well

Image: Disney

In addition to the three Marvel-themed attractions that will remain a permanent part of the lineup at this as-yet unnamed corner of Disney California Adventure, Disney has confirmed that during the special "Summer of Heroes" event (which kicks off May 27th and lasts all the way until mid-September), this park will also be home to the following limited-time experiences:  

Summer of Heroes: Avengers Training Initiative – This new show, which sounds like a spiritual successor to the Jedi Training Academy will find Black Widow and Hawkeye assembling young recruits for a series of tests to see if they have what it takes to join the ranks of the Avengers.

Heroic Encounter: Black Widow – In even more good news for Black Widow fans, it has been announced that this character will arrive on the scene several times throughout the day in a special armored Avengers vehicle to meet park guests.

Special food items and merchandise – Of course, it wouldn't be a special event at a Disney park without special food and drink as well as merchandise available for purchase. Though we don't know exactly what kind of goodies will be available for guests at this event, Disney has confirmed that there will be plenty of things for guests to buy at this event.  


While this Summer of Heroes event won't last past the summer, it's clear that Disney is preparing Disney California Adventure for the eventual introduction of whatever it will call its non-Marvel, Marvel-themed land. While  plans are still coming together for this new land, it looks like super hero fans will have a lot to look forward to, not just during the Summer of Heroes, but in the coming years as well as Disney works on the expansion of this park. 

Of course, the big question here is when Disney will even get started on this expansion, as the Star Wars Land project is going full steam ahead across the esplanade in preparation for its confirmed 2019 debut. If Disney's plans for this new Marvel-themed land are half as ambitious as Star Wars Land, it looks like we could be waiting until 2020 or beyond for the vision of this new land to be truly realized. Then again, Disney could simply clone Hong Kong Disneyland's Iron Man Experience simulator and call this land finished, if they really wanted to. Plenty of questions remain, and while we don't have any answers yet, hopefully Disney will make an announcement at this summer's D23 Expo regarding the future of this project. 

Are you excited for these characters to have an expanded presence at Disney California Adventure? Or do you wish Disney would have left Hollywood Land alone? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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There are 2 comments.

Personally I feel it's a real shame Marvel, and Star Wars for that matter, are getting such big areas of the park to themselves.
Called me old fashioned but I am all for intelectual property being introduced into the parks, but it just saddens me when it's not really Disney. Anyone with enough money could've bought Marvel or Star Wars and made a park out of them, but that doesnt make them Disney.
Atleast with the likes of Frozen in WDW it is an actual Disney born and bred character so in my mind deserves to be in the parks.

A lot of Hollywood Land/Hollywood Pictures Backlot has been very underused/empty for most of the 15 long as they leave the front part of it as it is (Disney Jr, Art of Imagination, and Mike and Sully, I say...Sure! The Heroes will make a fine addition! It IS an area themed to Hollywood, after all, and what ELSE has signified Hollywood these last half dozen years??


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