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5 Changes Happening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Right Now (February 2017)

Big things are happening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios behind this park’s many, many construction walls. And while we’re still waiting for additional details and opening date announcements for both Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land, some other changes are happening right now inside the park that visitors should know about. From the removal of an iconic landmark to some new additions in celebration of Disney’s newest film, here is everything happening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios: 

1. The MuppetVision 3D balloon has been removed from the Muppet Courtyard

The Muppet Courtyard has been going through some subtle changes in the past few months, with the most recent being the conversion of the Muppet fountain into a planter. However, it looks like another dramatic aesthetic change has happened in this area of the park. Due to ongoing construction behind the MuppetVision 3D building as well as the eventual sightlines from inside what will eventually be Star Wars Land, Disney has pulled down the iconic Muppets hot air balloon. It is unknown if this balloon will be relocated to somewhere else inside the Muppet Courtyard, or if it is truly gone forever. Of course, we’re hoping for the former, but given the amount of space inside this land, the latter seems much more likely. And speaking of cuts at this park, there's something else going away in the near future as well...

2. Evening Extra Magic Hours are being cut back at Disney's Hollywood Studios next month

Last week we noted how the official Walt Disney World calendar was showing that evening Extra Magic Hours at Disney's Hollywood Studios were nonexistant after February 24 2017. And while we hedged our bets a little at the time, noting that Disney could always update their official calendar before the end of the month, with only three weeks to go until this final evening Extra Magic Hours night is supposed to take place, it seems all but confirmed now that this after-hours perk is being discountinued at Disney's Hollywood Studios for the immediate future.  

3. Beauty and the Beast additions hit One Man's Dream and Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage 

 Image: Disney

We're only a few weeks away from the premiere of the new live-action Beauty and the Beast film, and beginning next week on February 10th, guests visiting the One Man’s Dream attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios will be able to check out an exclusive extended preview from the film. In addition, guests will also be able to see two props used in the production of the film: Belle’s iconic yellow ballroom dress and the magical rose protected within its bell jar.

In addition, beginning just a few days earlier on February 5, the Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage show will also be getting a special movie-inspired extra. Before each performance, a father and daughter from the audience will be invited onstage to sing a new song from the film in a fun magical moment. 

Currently, neither of these experiences have an official end date, but considering the film releases in Mid-March, we wouldn't expect these limited-time entertainment offerings to stick around past April. 

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