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5 Things We Just Learned About Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT!

Ever since it was announced last year, Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT has been a controversial project at Disney California Adventure. However, now that the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror has been closed for a few weeks now, Disney has gone ahead and revealed a few additional details about what guests can expect from this new (ish) ride experience when it welcomes its first guests later this year. 

1. Don't expect more than an overlay

Image: Disney 

While there is a heavy amount of construction going on outside the former Twilight Zone Tower of Terror building (the entire thing is covered in tarps now), if you are expecting substantial changes to the ride experience when Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT! opens later this year, you will be disappointed. The experience of the ride will be almost identical to the former attraction, with guests getting trapped in an unruly elevator, which doesn’t always behave in a predictable way. But instead of plunging nearly 200 feet down into the Twilight Zone, this new attraction will see guests boarding…another elevator. But this time, it’s in space! And speaking of the plot of the attraction, we know a bit more about that too….

2. Playing up the Marvel card with a new plotline

Image: Disney

As reported previously, the setting for this new attraction is Tivan the Collector's museum, where this character is unveiling his latest collector’s item: the Guardians of the Galaxy themselves, who have been imprisoned in a giant cage. Guests who enter this attraction will begin their mission to save our heroes by walking into a giant vault, where this attraction’s queue is being built.

And speaking of the queue, it has been confirmed that there will be a number of displays that tie in to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe in this area of the attraction. Marvel fans can be on the look out for a number of Marvel artifacts here, including Loki’s helmet, which has been featured in the Thor and Avengers films.

Image: Disney

Once guests make their way past the queue, they'll be boarding some very familiar-looking elevator lifts under the direction of Rocket Raccon, who has been tasked with saving his fellow Guardians from the clutches of the evil collector. After guests are safely in the elevator, they will be asked to disarm a generator. And then that's where things go bad. 

Like the former Tower of Terror, the ride experience of Guardians of the Galacy: Mission BREAKOUT will take visitors up and down at thrilling speeds to replicate the experience of an elevator going out of control. However, in an interesting development, it has been confirmed that this new attraction will take a cue from the Walt Disney World version of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and will be incorporating several different ride profiles, which will each have separate drop sequences and soundtracks, creating a new experience for re-riders who want to experience this attraction more than once. It has even been confirmed that the periodic door openings (which happened like clockwork during the former Twilight Zone Tower of Terror experience) will also be randomized as well. 

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when it opens we will ride it once to see how it goes and probably not ride it again unless we take someone there who wants to ride it.

I'm one of the like 5 people actually looking forward to this rides opening and I'm still hyped for it.


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