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6 Changes Happening at Epcot’s World Showcase Right Now (January 2017)

4. Weis n Buam Oktoberfest band comes to Germany later this week

Unfortunately, Margret Almer & the Bavarian Band officially said Auf Wiedersehen to Epcot earlier this week, but it looks like the pop-up stage in the Germany Pavilion won’t stay empty for long as Oktoberfest band Weis n Buam will be making their Epcot debut this Sunday, January 8th. This new musical act will be playing traditional Bavarian and Polka inspired music all while wearing traditional costumes and celebrating the unique cultural landscape of Germany. You can learn more about this new band via their Facebook page, here

5. L'artisan des Glaces seasonal flavor goes off the menu, but is still available (for now)

Hidden gem L’Artisan des Glaces (which is found at the back of the France pavilion) introduced a new gingerbread ice cream flavor for the holiday season, and now that both Christmas and New Year's Day are both behind us, this offering has been removed from the menu. However, the official L’Artisan des Glaces Twitter account has confirmed that this delectable treat is still available in limited quantities for those who ask for it by name! Of course, this will only likely be the case for the next few days, so if you're craving one last bite of this seasonal treat, you'll have to stop by the France pavilion in the very near future! 

6. Morocco also gets a new musical act

Finally this month, we have yet another entertainment shuffle at the World Showcase. Moroccan musical act Musique Aramenco has also vacated the park after performing a final set on New Year’s Day. Replacing this popular act will be Matboukha Groove, which will begin playing on the Moroccan stage on January 15, 2017, playing sets that celebrate the fun and variance found in traditional North African music. This new band is set to play indefinitely, with no ending date currently listed. 

Are you planning to visit Epcot this January? Will any of these changes at the World Showcase affect you, or are you just looking forward to indulging in the first weeks of the Epcot International Festival of the Arts? 

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