Though we’ve already taken a look at several of the Walt Disney World attractions that we lost forever in 2016, it looks like 2017 is going to get things started with a number of additional closures hitting the resort. While none of these closures have been officially confirmed by the resort, based on inside sources (as well as other current events elsewhere around Walt Disney World), it seems very likely that the following attractions will be going away sometime very soon in the coming year. In fact, if you want to experience this first attraction on our list of rumored closures, you probably have only a few days left before it goes away forever... 

1. Stitch's Great Escape (Magic Kingdom)

Image: Disney

Stitch’s Great Escape, which has a reputation as being one of the most reviled attractions in Disney history, discontinued daily operation as of October 2, 2016. However, if you visit the Magic Kingdom this week, you'll actually still be able to experience this attraction, as it is currently operating on a "seasonal" basis until January 2, 2017. However, according to Walt Disney World's official calendar, it looks like after that date this attraction will close its doors one again, likely for good this time. 

Earlier this year it was very strongly rumored that a new VR-based attraction was planned for this space that would transport guests inside the world of Sugar Rush, the game featured in Wreck-It Ralph. However, in the months since this development first surfaced, preliminary work on this proposed new attraction has stalled (reportedly due to budget cuts) and the future for this space is back to being uncertain. 

Image: Disney

However, if you're thinking that the lack of progress on the Wreck-It Ralph attraction means a stay of execution for Stitch, you'd sadly be mistaken. After January 3, 2017 this attraction will almost undoubtedly close for the last time, and there is no indication that is will ever reopen. Unfortunately, we may be facing a situation like what happened with the Wonders of Life pavilion, which was taken apart piece by piece behind the scenes after a brief period of seasonal operation. While it would be a huge shame to waste this large attraction space right in the front of Tomorrowland, we expect budget cuts to continue to rule 2017, so a development like this wouldn't be too much of a surprise. 

Hopefully Disney figures out what they want to do with this prime Tomorrowland attraction space in the near future, but in the meantime, there's another rumored closure that could be striking over at Epcot in the very near future as well... 



im a huge stitch fan. went to disney in november. it was seasonal. didnt get to ride. was heartbroken. if they get ride of tht ride i won't ever go there again. my fave ride. if they get rid of stitch ride then disney can suck it!!!!

I like the Stitch ride better when it was Alien Encounter. It was "fun" scary. Disney just had their biggest year ever in 2016. I don't think the phrase, "Budget concerns" should be a factor when it comes to any of their parks. They need some Innoventions.

I wont miss the specific attractions but rather the concept behind them, or at least the latter two. While obviously our world is changing faster than who experienced something like Horizons could have ever imagined, and UofE and Innovations collectively teach a history and a potential for future growth. So I guess I am just hopeful that Epcot will not completely lose its mission of inspiring not just awe and wonder but innovation and progress for purpose of improving life. My kids like Big Hero 6 too, but instead of just a big character space, show real life bot building...

I will never go in the Stitch ride again anyway. Last time the harness came down so tightly it hurt. Way, way to claustrophobic in there.

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