After Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Walt Disney World park that seems to be in the biggest need of a boost is Epcot. Though attendance at this park has continued to increase at a moderate rate year after year thanks to longer annual events like the Food and Wine Festival and the International Flower and Garden Festival, when you take a walk around this park during the summer months (when there are no special events), it is easy to feel like Epcot isn't quite living up to its potential, as it goes through closure after closure without any real replacements. 

However, Epcot's current state of stagnation could be changing soon, if the following rumors are to be believed...

1. A Guardians of the Galaxy ride could still be on its way to Future World (but it could be much less ambitious than we'd hoped)

Image: Disney

Though rumors surfaced earlier this year that hinted that Disney executives were considering a plan to gut the current Universe of Energy building in Future World and create a thrill ride based on the Guardians of the Galaxy film franchise, it looks like there may have been a change of plan. While Disney was reportedly quite deep in development on this project, rumors began circulating several weeks ago that indicated that the project was way over budget and could not proceed with its current pricetag. With so much going on over at Disney's Hollywood Studios over the next several years, it's no wonder that Disney wasn't ready to commit the resources to creating a new e-ticket thrill ride. However, it still seems a little disappointing for those who were hoping this attraction (while perhaps not entirely appropriate from a thematic standpoint) would bring some new energy to Future World. 

Even though this is certainly a regrettable development for some, this recent setback doesn't necessarily mean that this project is a total bust. Disney could be working on scaling down this project to a more manageable level, the same way it did with the Slinky Dog coaster at Toy Story Land, which also reportedly ran into budget concerns during development. 

A third option does exist. Disney is currently converting the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney California Adventure into an attraction based on the Guardians of the Galaxy. If this version of the ride proves to be a success, it wouldn't be hard to imagine a situation where Disney attempts the same thing in Florida - although the more complex nature of the Disney's Hollywood Studios version of the ride would certainly make this a more expensive undertaking. With Disney trying as hard as possible to sneak Marvel in to Disney's Hollywood Studios pretty much any way they can, this scenario does seem plausible, and could result in a stay of execution for the Universe of Energy, at least for the short term.



Isn't it a shame that Disney continues to look for ways to cheapen ideas so that when all the hype is over...the "new" ride is a disappointment. Maybe they should focus on fewer project but do them in the Disney tradition of quality like they used to do in the 70's and 80's. I've said this before, but the two Harry Potter rides at Universal far outweighs anything Disney has given us in the past 15 years.

Epcot is not worth paying for anymore. Why pay 100+$ to enter a park with almost only shops and eateries?
They should change name and invest in the country theme, adding more rides, theaters and even pop up musea.

Epcot is not worth paying for anymore. Why pay 100+$ to enter a park with almost only shops and eateries?
They should change name and invest in the country theme, adding more rides, theaters and even pop up musea.

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