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Is Disney's Flagship New Theme Park Really Half-Empty?

2. A new attraction in Tomorrowland has already opened up

Image: Disney 

A few weeks ago Shanghai Disneyland expanded its TRON-influenced Tomorrowland with a new area known as the TRON Realm. This new attraction may remind Walt Disney World fans of the redesigned Test Track at Epcot, and unsurprisingly, is also a collaboration with GM, the same company that sponsors that very attraction. This new attraction features three interactive zones: Imagine, Create, and Drive. Here’s the official description of what guests can expect to experience in these individual areas: 

Create Zone: The signature design experience, Advanced Vehicle Design, allows guests to design one-of-a-kind cars and see their dream machines materialize on an overhead display called the “Hypervisor.” Look to Qing Yi - a dynamic Light Runner-style ride that’s the star of the show - for inspiration.

Imagine Zone: Swipe your unique Identity Disc in one of 10 “Equipment Evolution” stations to gather and evolve technologies that power up other activities. In “Rez Up!” try on a specially designed Light Suit to connect with Ling Si, Chevrolet’s vision for a new class of intelligent electric vehicles. Advanced technology automates driving, parking and retrieval—look inside the car to find a very familiar face!

Drive Zone: Take a virtual spin on one of TRON’s most tricked-out dream rides and accept the “Ultimate Challenge” of the TRON system, on or off the Grid. From the cockpit of a Chevrolet-inspired “Drive Pod,” race past opponents remotely via a driving simulator that puts your senses to the test. 

3. Work on Shanghai Disneyland’s first expansion is already underway

Image: Disney

Right on the eve of the grand opening of Shanghai Disneyland Disney CEO Bob Iger dropped a bombshell, saying "We're already building to expand [Shanghai Disneyland] as we speak". Though Iger declined to elaborate on this statement, refusing to say when or where this expansion might take place, there is currently a vacant 7 square kilometers of adjacent land next to the current resort that provides plenty of space for either additional attractions or even new lands.

However, while nothing has been announced, some have speculated that this new expansion could be referring to Toy Story Land, which Theme Park University reports was originally supposed to be part of the opening day lineup at Shanghai Disneyland. While nothing has been confirmed just yet, this seems like a low-cost way to get more attractions into this park quickly, and if true, could hopefully relieve some of the pressure on other attractions and bring wait times down at this park. 

Image: Disney

Though Shanghai Disneyland definitely had a controversial run-up to its opening earlier this year, now that this park has been open for several months, many are keeping a close eye on this park to see if it really establishes itself in the region. And though the jury is still out on whether or not attendance in this park's first year will be as impressive as Disney is likely hoping, it looks like the park is already making improvements with the new TRON attraction as well as unspecified plans for an expansion of some sort. Do you think Shanghai Disneyland will be a success in its first year? Let us know what you think below! 

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There is 1 comment.

Shanghai Disneyland is going to tank so badly. I know this because I'm a Chinese American and huge Disney fan. I spend 3 weeks at Disney World every year, flying 2000 miles to do so. What I know is, most Chinese in China are not into Disney. Most Chinese know nothing about Disney! They will not be waiting 5 hours to go on the Frozen ride! They don't know what that's like! Bob Iger is making a huge mistake and it's making me mad! I'm mad because he is taking money from my Disney World to pay for Shanghai Disneyland, which will tank and never put money back in Disney World. And Hollywood Studios is needing a lot of money right now to build Toy Storys Land and Star Wars Land! Chinese people don't even know what Star Wars is!
Anyway, I'm venting here because I'm mad, but there's nothing to be done, of course. The deed is done. Now Shanghai Disneyland is going to lose money just like Eurodisney (which I also thought was a big mistake at the time). And Disney World will have to support them both for the years to come. It's like your mom keeps popping out loser siblings and it's up to you to support them.
Oh well, no sense crying over spilled milk. They think attendance is below expectations these first 4 months. They haven't seen nothing yet.


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