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5 Cuts Coming to Disney's Magic Kingdom In a Few Days

4. Scoop Sanderson - Main Street USA

Image: Disney

It has been confirmed that long-time Citizen of Main Street USA character Scoop Sanderson will no longer be regularly appearing at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and his last day in the park will be just a few days after the final day for the aforementioned characters on October 8. This development is especially sad as Scoop has appeared on Main Street for many years, and is truly an icon for pin traders (he even has a number of official Disney pins that feature his likeness!), making this an especially depressing casualty of all of the budget cuts happening at the Magic Kingdom. Though there is a petition online trying to keep Scoop in the park, it doesn't seem likely that Disney will change their minds on this particular cut, even if fans have been very vocal in their dislike for this specific development. 

5. Stitch's Great Escape's seasonal operation - Tomorrowland

Image: Disney

Though we know that Stitch's Great Escape will be closing forever soon to make way for a new attraction based on Wreck-It Ralph, many fans wondered why Disney is even bothering to move this attraction to seasonal operation instead of just closing it outright immediately. Unfortunately, the answer here yet again is budget cuts, as Disney can save money by not running this unpopular attraction for the rest of 2016, without having to actually begin work on the aforementioned Wreck-It Ralph ride, which probably won't be in the Walt Disney World budget until next year.

While anti-fans of Stitch's Great Escape (as well as those who just want to see something new at the Magic Kingdom) might be in a rush to see this attraction close, it looks like Disney would rather save some money in the short term by switching Stitch's Great Escape to seasonal operation and waiting to do any work in this area until 2017. 

Though the previously mentioned cuts at the Magic Kingdom are being made for budgetary reasons, there are also a number of other closings happening soon at the park for different reasons as well that fans should be aware of, including the final run of the Main Street Electrical Parade at the Magic Kingdom on October 9th (it will be heading to Disneyland early next year before being retired forever), and the end of the temporary Elena of Avalor pre-show, which, after being extended for several weeks, will finally be retired at the end of the fall before the holiday season. 

How do you feel about all of these closures and cuts coming to the Magic Kingdom this fall? Will you miss any of these characters, or are you ambivalent about these changes at this park? Let us know your thoughts on all these changes at this park in the comments below! 

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There are 30 comments.

I don't see how you figure crowds are down this year. Was there in June and it was busier than ever.

Isn't Elena ever going to have an actual M&G at WDW?(she would had arrived at MK earlier)

I'm not that surprised by the woody and jessie thing. They are building an entire land in Hollywood studios dedicated to toy story. I bet she will reappear there.

This is just more in a series of bad decisions for WDW. Starting with the decision to get rid of Malestrom and put a frozen ride in Norway of the World Showcase instead of putting the ride in Hollywood studios (which would have made much more sense) their have been a lot of questionable moves at WDW. Maybe they should realize that the reason the number of visitors is down is because they are charging way too much. But of course nobody is ever going to actually lower prices to make things more affordable so instead they will kill a parade and get rid of beloved characters and force feed us Elsa every chance they get instead.

Actually, I never cared for the Maelstrom ride and like the new Frozen ride, and I've been going to the Disney area since 1972. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

I think Maelstrom was a good ride in it's day. But, it was time for something new. Haven't checked out the new Frozen ride yet, but plan to in next few weeks.

Part of the magic of Disney is the extra touches and pop up experiences, if you take them all away Disney will just be another theme park. The magic is essential!

Can't see any of these as a big deal.
By far most people who go to WDW don't would never notice any of this. They go to experience what is there not notice what isn't.
I was there for 6 days this last March - I didn't see any of these and didn't know they existed. Even if I did I would have assumed I just missed them.
None of these are integral to a visit.

I can't believe they are doing away with electrical parade! That was part of what made the park special, especially with Tinkerbell flying through the air at the end and the fireworks! . My kids are adults now and still wait for that! I hope they give Elana more attention. She has so much positive energy.

have no fear, Tink does still fly. that's during the wishes fireworks, nothing to do with the old parade!

retiring the iconic main street electrical parade forever?! how can that be?! I've attended that parade on every disney visit since I was a child (over the last 35 years)! makes me super sad I won't get to see it again on my next visit (May 2017) or that future generations won't get the pleasure of such a magical experience. :(

At WDW, the Main Street Electrical Parade only ran from 1977-1991, then again from 1999-2001, then from 2010-2016. It ran at Disneyland from 1972-1996.

It wasn't around 35 years ago.

35 years ago was 1981, so by your breakdown, it was there until the person was 10, then again from age 18 to 20 and once more 29 to 35.

I know. It's scary that the 80s were 35 years ago. (Says the kid born in '81.)

In my opinion Disney wouldn't have to make these cuts if they didn't keep raising prices like crazy and weeding out lower middle class families from affording a descent vacation. Plus their fast pass policy stinks too. You can't afford to enjoy the parks anymore and on top you can't do most of a park in a day. It's very disappointing. They would be wise to rethink the high price tags!

I'm only sad about the electrical licht parade. We took our son this past November to Disney, but were only able to get a glimpse of the parade (it was a short trip). So I'm thankful we got to at least see a small bit of it; however, I've been to disney multiple times since I was 2 and that was the one thing I could remember in my younger years- seeing the light parade. It's so iconic and beautiful. Truly saddens me that it's going away!

They didn't say they're eliminating any and all light parades. They said the Main Street Electrical Parade.

There's a BIIIIIIIIIG difference.

I have an idea. Why doesn't the damn CEO take a cut! I mean he only earns multi million dollars per year! What's next for WDW? Charging a few bucks to use the bathrooms? Fire this damn fool!

As I haven't been to the parks since the late 90s, I'm not sure how the characters all fit into the general scheme of what the park is doing with them, and question how much money Disney will save by eliminating these characters from daily viewing. I worked at the Magic Kingdom in the 90s, so I know a bit about the ins and outs of what's going on there. If it's a staffing thing, they won't fire those cast members outfitting those characters. They will simply move on to doing different things in entertainment. It sure sounds like a foolish idea, what with the backlash they're bound to get from loyal guests and others. Oh well.....

Will be Coming in a few weeks. I understand things change. However I don't buy the whole "budget cuts" crapola. Sorry the Disney execs are losing an Extra million from their paychecks when it's the little guys who actually MAKE WDW what it is! We booked a few months ago for an EPCOT resort and could only get Bwalk Villa for $500+ a night! Disney is certainly not starving for business!

The Electrical Parade is still amazing, and my boys love it, especially Tinker Bell at the start. I too have seen it since I was a kid, and maybe not everything needs to be changed just for the sake of changing it. Instead, how about doing it only on weekends, or just once a night instead of twice? That would make it more special and save costs. Also, I suggest that Disney offers an opportunity to pay for season passes monthly like other theme parks do, they will generate more revenue that way.

I agree with a previous comment that said the CEO should take a pay cut. My family and I have been DVC members for 16+ years, as well as annual pass holders, and its nearly impossible to afford to vacation at WDW. Mr. Iger has made some really bad decisions lately, IMO. He needs to stop cutting out the "magic", stop raising prices before he loses more loyal Disney fans.

I don't see why they're cutting characters. Back in the day they just had them walking through the park. They can go back to doing that and do a rotation. Like two days a week, this character, 2 days a week, another and so on. Taking away any Toy Story character is a mistake since the new movie is coming out.

They should've thought about this before they did the Star Wars expansion, then this wouldn't be happening.

WDW is getting the Paint the Night Parade from Disneyland. Disneyland is getting the Electrical Parade--which is where it started in the 70s. I find these comments about how people have been watching this parade for 40 years at WDW truly amusing. You'll be wowed by the Paint the Night. They're in the off season now, cuts are normal, it'll ramp back up once the holiday season starts. Plus they are getting ready for new and great things like Toy Story Land (Jessie will pop up there). The characters should rotate out, it gives variety to each visit.

wdw is not getting paint the night. it's staying at dlr and will be going seasonal, until the retirement of dep.

I have been to Walt Disney World to many times to count in my lifetime. Love Disney and the parks!!!!! It is time for some changes to keep returning visitors like me happy to come back. You have to admit, when Disney does something new, they do it right and spectacular.My family was just there in August and we thought everything with Star Wars was AWESOME!!!!! New things are not bad, just something new to enjoy. Disney has lots of new and exciting things coming to the parks. Where else can you visit that has something for you to do at any time for the price? Walt Disney World is amazing.

i dont like the changes.. I loved the stitch ride.. i love meeting the characters.. your taking away what Disney was.. and i understand things cost more.. but your making it to expensive for someone to come.. you have raised prices every year the last few years.. stop changing so much.. stop trying to improve things that people already love and enjoy..

I'm sad to see the Banjo buddies go as they are old school magic kingdom and it feels like there is less and less of that these days. I'm sure there will be another night parade coming soon so I'm not concerned about that. and yes it's getting harder to afford a Disney vacation even as a DVC member.

I first went to Disney in 1975 as a kid and my parents took me twice a year for more than a decade. Now I am an annual pass holder and I take my kids about six times a year. I am very nostalgic and get anxious when changes are made, but it always seems like Disney makes good changes. Maelstrom was my favorite ride in EPCOT and I was so mad that they got rid of it, but I have to say that Frozen has grown on me. I love Disney so much that I dream about being an Imagineer and fixing all of the deficiencies, but they do it well without me. I fear change, but my advice is to embrace the change. Your kids are growing up with a new Disney and I think they are doing a good job in keeping the classic Disney and promoting the new Disney.

Let's face it Disney isn't hurting for money. When they say they have to make budget cuts we all know it's a big bowl of baloney. Like someone else said they're taking all the magic away and raising the prices they are going to lose some families that choose to come regularly. I'm part of a group that loves all things Disney, and some of them even are DVC members are not going to Disney World on a regular basis like they used to. I realize Disney already has their vacation club money, but if people are coming and buying meals and buying souvenirs then they're still missing that money. We've been going every year since 2007, this will be our last year until the 50th anniversary. I just think when you're paying 300 to $1,000 a night for a hotel that there should be a lot more magic, and it shouldn't be being cut. Like I said when I started this comment, Disney is not hurting for money and they do not need to make any budget cuts.

Ive been going to Disney World at least once a year since 1971. I was born 2 months before it opened. (I have since moved to FL and am an annual passholder, visiting at least once a week) I honestly dont care about those characters being discontinued, dont recall the country band and have no clue who Scoop Sanderson is. I am very sad about the electrical parade, tho. It was a magnificent spectacle and I'm sorry to see it go. However, it was older than dirt. I will look forward to something new in its place and cross my fingers that its as good or better. Same with Stitch's great escape. It sucked when it was alien encounter, but it sucks even more now. I'm happy they will replace it. I also have to agree with one of the comments in regards to the frozen ride in Epcot. I enjoyed Maelstrom, but more importantly, that ride was about Norway. How does Frozen offer insight into the culture of Norway or any other country? (They really need to ditch the 3 caballeros in Mexico for the same reason. Its like they are forgetting the focus and intent of world showcase.) Anyway, change is good.


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