Disney parks are constantly changing their refurbishment schedules, making it difficult for guests to keep up with the operating times and latest news regarding their favorite attractions, resorts, shops, and restaurants. Here are a few big, upcoming changes that are either confirmed by their respective parks or at the least very strongly rumored for the very near future.

For September's refurbishment update, we take a look at a brief refurbishment at one of the Magic Kingdom's most popular attractions, an interesting two-week closure at Disney's Hollywood Studios, plus a project that will bring some small upgrades to one of Walt Disney World's value resorts. 

1. The Haunted Mansion (Magic Kingdom)

Status: Confirmed

Dates: November 28 - December 1, 2016

If you've been to the Magic Kingdom in recent weeks, you've probably noticed that the front of this attraction has been behind scrims for the past few weeks while an exterior refurbishment has been taking place. However, though this attraction has been operating normally during this exterior work, the Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion has been confirmed to be closing for a few days this fall, from November 28th until December 1, 2016. 

While we don't know the exact nature of this refurbishment, we'd imagine that with the outside of this attraction getting an extensive clean up, Disney will probably be giving the inside a quick tune-up as well. Though the Haunted Mansion can't go down for refurbishment without guests hoping that the long-fabled Hatbox Ghost (which appeared at the Disneyland version of this attraction a little over a year ago) will materialize at the Florida version of this ride, since the ride is only going down for a few days this fall, we unfortunately don't think this is a possibility this time around. 

2. The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith (Disney's Hollywood Studios)

Image: Disney

Status: Confirmed

Dates: October 27 - November 10th, 2016

Last week it was confirmed that the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith would be going down for a brief two week refurbishment at the end of October and heading into November. Normally, a two week refurbishment for any attraction wouldn’t be all that noteworthy, as it would ordinarily imply that the attraction was being cleaned up a little bit and perhaps some of the interior equipment was being upgraded. However, the situation with the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster is a little bit different when you consider a recent change that has happened at Disney Hollywood Studios.

Last month we alerted you to a merchandise change happening both at Disney parks as well as at the larger Disney Store that involved the sudden removal of all references to the band Aerosmith from all shirts, pins, and other merchandise from this attraction. And in the days since this refurbishment was announced, all remaining Aerosmith merchandise being sold at Disney's Hollywood Studios has been marked down substantially, which is leading many to draw the conclusion that this ride is indeed getting a re-theme. 

Image: Disney

Though nothing has been confirmed by Disney about this attraction just yet, considering the aforementioned merchandise change as well as the timing of the refurbishment (right before the busy holiday period), we’re thinking the possibility of a new soundtrack for this attraction after this temporary downtime isn’t all that farfetched any more, and could be really happening in just a few weeks. If you count yourself as a big fan of Aerosmith, it would probably be in your best interest to get to this park for before the end of October for another ride just in case the rumors about a this potentially massive change for this attraction actually turn out to be true after all. 



I doubt it's a retheme, just because merchandise is been given away doesn't mean it's going away. Look at Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion, all of its merchandise was being given away or marked down with people saying that the Dale Ernhart contract was over but that ride still has the NASCAR Dale Ernhart theme. I think its merchandise that isn't selling very well.

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