In today’s world of whispers, leaks and rumors, it seems some form of gossip precedes pretty much every Walt Disney World ride announcement. Almost nothing is a surprise anymore. We knew all about the plan to turn Maelstorm into Frozen almost half a year before it was announced, and though it seemed ridiculous at the time, rumors about the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney California Adventure turning into a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction actually turned out to be true (much to the chagrin of pretty much everyone)

Though it's true that anything can change in a moment, (even after it is announced) here are some of the biggest rumored (but still unconfirmed) rides that are currently in development for Walt Disney World.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster at Epcot

Image: Disney

Though we initially reported on the rumor that a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction of some sort would be moving into Epcot's Future World several weeks ago, more information has come to light in recent weeks that seems to imply that the current Universe of Energy building will actually be demolished to make way for a new roller coaster that is themed to this franchise.

This would be a very interesting development indeed for this project, as it would be the first roller coaster ever constructed at Epcot, and will be the third thrill ride in Future World (we’re counting Test Track and Mission: Space as thrill rides, and not Sum of all Thrills, as the latter is slated to close in just a few weeks).

However, the downside to what could be a very ambitious project at Epcot is that, like almost anything at Disney, this rumored new attraction could take several years to develop and construct. Though we’d welcome the creation of a new, original ride that isn’t just an overlay of an existing attraction, if this rumor does prove to be true, it could be 2018 or even 2019 before this new attraction sees the light of day. And by this time, who knows whether the Guardians of the Galaxy will be as relevant as it is today? Many have criticized Disney for not looking forward with the Avatar franchise (which is barely in the public lexicon these days, even though it is getting its own land at Disney's Animal Kingdom), and sinking a lot of time, money and resources into an elaborate thrill ride themed to this highly-specific franchise could be a similar mis-step. 



If WDW wants to have a Guardians of the Galaxy coaster, why don't they just re-purpose Rocking Roller Coaster with a Guardians theme? It would fit in better with Disney Studios, than in Epcot.

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