Though Disney’s Hollywood Studios is in rough shape currently, one of the ways that Disney tried earlier this year to offset some of this park's closings and beef up the offerings at this park was to inject a bunch of Star Wars attractions into the park, not only to give guests a reason to visit this park, but to also build anticipation for the upcoming Star Wars Land.

However, though we’re at least three years from this new land opening (if not more), it looks increasingly like fans are already starting to tire of the Star Wars attractions around this park. Let’s take a look at the current status of some of the newest Star Wars attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, some of which may not be sticking around for much longer...

Star Wars: Path of the Jedi

Status: Operating for the foreseeable future

Popularity: 1/10

Have you never seen Star Wars, but desperately want to know what events happen in these films, without actually watching seven whole movies? No? Well if there was someone out there who fit this description, Star Wars: Path of the Jedi, which inexplicably plays daily in the ABC Sound Studio Theater, would be the 15-minute movie for them.

Incredibly, though there are typically only a handful of guests in this theater per showing, Star Wars: The Path of the Jedi film continues to play at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to nonexistant crowds, and looks like it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Though with so few guests checking out this film, would anyone even notice if Disney closed it?

Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Status: Closing later this month

Popularity: 3/10

While it’s not uncommon to see guests stop and watch Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away while this Center Stage show is in progress (hey look, there are characters over there! And they’re doing something!), very few go out of their way to make this glorified fashion show a part of their plans. And it looks like Disney has at least registered most guests’ disappointment with this show, as it will be having its last performance later this month before disappearing (hopefully) forever into a galaxy far, far away from the galaxy far, far away. 

Star Wars Launch Bay

Status: Open for the foreseeable future

Popularity 4/10

When the Star Wars Launch Bay first opened, guests sprinted to this attraction to be among the first to see all the props and models that were used in the Star Wars films. However, as the weeks and months passed, interest waned in this museum-like attraction, and though the character meet and greets inside do typically draw a moderate amount of gaits (with waits on a typical day hovering between 10-20 minutes), guests simply aren't as interested anymore in viewing the same Episode 7/Star Wars Land preview video and walking by the same old exhibits.

Though this space would be easy to reinvigorate with new exhibits tied to upcoming Star Wars films (as well as the various animated series), in its current state everything in this space already feels tired, and the Star Wars Launch Bay has unfortunately become an attraction that is easily forgettable once you've walked through it once, and it is highly doubtful that anyone would ever elect to do it again, which explains the lack of foot traffic inside the Star Wars Launch Bay building. 



I am a Florida resident Annual Passholder and a huge SW fan. I have thoroughly enjoyed the SW themed additions to HS and have returned multiple times. That being said, I am not 100% a fan of all of it. I think that the character show in the courtyard is "okay", but seeing everything on the video screens is difficult depending on where you are standing. Plus, as another commented, standing in the baking sun to watch the show is not terribly enjoyable.

My favorite new addition is the SW Launch Bay. It may have a museum feel, but guess what...? It is a museum, go figure. I think the Kylo Ren and Chewie meet and greets are really well done and I have attended them multiple times. The film at the beginning is quite enjoyable as well.

All in all, I have enjoyed the SW additions even if they are glorified stop-gaps to raise interest in a park under construction.

I agree with the information provided but I find it interesting that you don't mention the roaming troopers in Launch Bay which are very popular? More shocking, that you don't the March of the First Order which is the second most popular entertainment offering at Studios behind Fantasmic. #KnowYourFacts

For my fellow commentors asking for proof, hopefully I can help the blogger there.

Here is the page for A Galaxy Far, Far Away on the DHS website. If you click on the calendar under "Hours" and click on various dates, you will notice that there are no show times listed for any date after October 1st. Compare that to other shows at DHS, such as Beauty & the Beast, Fantasmic, Indy, & Frozen, all of which have times listed going all the way through October.


Most of these attractions, except for A galactic spectacular, were meant to be temporary anyways. Now Disney marketing wouldn't have you believe that and I feel sorry for all the visitors expecting something big. I think the biggest misstep was for them to get rid of Star Wars Weekends. Continuing this event at least until Star Wars Land opened would have been a great way to keep the fan base happy until that happened.

Wait for Pandora burnout !

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