Epcot has been going through a mini-Renaissance lately, with Frozen taking over the Norway Pavilion, Soarin' Ever After opening at The Land Pavilion, and characters from Big Hero 6 and Inside Out taking up residence in a newly-expanded Character Spot in Future World.

Though the park has seen a lot of changes in recent months, rumors suggest that even more big changes could be on the way over the next few years, particularly in Future World. And the first BIG rumor puts a new twist on a project we've heard a lot about in the past few months...

1. Are the Guardians of the Galaxy now on their way to Epcot's Future World?

Image: Disney

More than a year ago, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn quasi-confirmed in a now-deleted Facebook post that plans were coming together for a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction at a Disney park. This certainly made sense, as Guardians of the Galaxy had just earned the third largest box office total (when it was released) of any Marvel film, and is still the second highest-grossing non-sequel Marvel film to ever be produced (number one of course being the original Avengers film).

It seems obvious why Disney would want to somehow incorporate this blockbuster into its parks, and fortunately Guardians of the Galaxy is the only Marvel live action property that can be used at Walt Disney World under the current contract with nearby Universal Orlando Resort, which makes it an even more attractive property to put..somewhere. 

Though we know all the reasons why a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction should come to Disney parks, the how and where have thus far been rather fluid, as a Guardians takeover has been predicted for no less than three spots at Walt Disney World (including the Magic Eye Theater at Epcot's Imagination pavilion and most recently, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios). Incredibly, this rumor is back again, and its the newest permutation seems even crazier…

Early yesterday morning, a rumor burst on the scene that a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction was now on its way to Future World. However, there has been some disagreement on where this new attraction is going to go. While WDWNT reported that their sources indicated Mission: Space would be receiving a quickie refurbishment to incorporate a Guardians of the Galaxy theme,a number of inside sources as well as Slashfilm are reporting that a fully new attraction will actually be coming to the current Universe of Energy pavilion in a few years (with a phase two possibly taking over the long-neglected Wonders of Life pavilion in the distant future if the initial ride proves to be a success). 

Rumor confidence level: 50% Many are reporting that the instant success of Frozen Ever After has empowered the powers that be to start putting even more character-based attractions at Epcot, and this could be an extension of that. Even though Frozen Ever After hasn’t had the best start, the fact is that this new attraction has drawn a lot of guests to Epcot, and it’s not hard to see the logic behind adding more characters to Future World in the hope of seeing a similar boost. While it is entirely possible that this could be another idea that is being considered but not yet greenlit (like the previous Magic Eye Theater, Tower of Terror, and Rock 'n Roller Coaster rumors), it seems like Disney wants to do something with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, even if we’re all still guessing what. 

However, though this development is certainly the most dramatic proposed change to Future World, this isn't the only rumor about the future of Epcot to pop up in the past few days... 



I would like to see Guardians of the Galaxy in Epcot's Universe of Energy. I don't like Ellen!

I am interested in the ideas, but personally like most people I know have said I would rather c a Tron light coaster ride in that area where the Ellen's Energy or where the Body Wars ride used 2 b. I agree those areas r dated and I agree they have no coasters in Epcot and every time I ride inside the Epcot ball, I can imagine a coaster being put inside. I also wish that they would reopen the observatory area of that ride so people can look at the stars even if they r fake stars. Afterall, that is what Epcot is about. It's about innovations, space, science, anatomy even though they shut down Body Wars, which was a shame cuz I liked that ride. It's also about culture which r the countries, agriculture, and a small area dedicated 2 marine life. If they replace Ellen's Energy it doesn't tie with the theme of the park. Tron on the other hand, I think would b a closer fit and it's about computers and technology which speaks more 2 what Epcot is about.

I will be so happy to finally see that hideous, shameless money grab gone from the entrance to EPCOT. It did nothing but bring in dollars for Disney, which they did not even reinvest into the park. EPCOT has always been my favorite park, but honestly I haven't been the last several years because it is just too depressing to see how horribly it has deteriorated.

GotG I think would blend better at HS given its blockbuster status. I would dearly love to see a version of the Tron ride in Shanghai take over the WoL and Energy real estate. Its futuristic, tech heavy focus is a better fit for that side of Future World.

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Tron in the energy pavilion would be an amazing bridge between the classic and the new version and has a strong cult following.

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