New Epcot attraction Frozen Ever After has only been open for barely a week, and even though this ride delivers a truly amazing dark ride experience (even if it still doesn’t thematically make sense in the Norway pavilion), getting on this ride has proven to be quite the challenge for guests, not only because of the insane wait times associated with a new attraction at Walt Disney World (especially one with capacity reportedly as low as 1000 guests per hour), but also because this ride has been experiencing a high level of downtime thanks to frequent (and often lengthy) breakdowns.

Though you might think that an attraction that is reusing a ride system that has been working reliably at Epcot for over two decades might be safe from technical mishaps, unfortunately Frozen Ever After has seen some real problems, with guests reporting stalled boats, frozen animatronics (no pun intended) and issues with some of the attraction’s technical effects causing temporary closures and even full ride evacuations several times per day. 

While there’s nothing guests (or front line Cast Members) can do to prevent technical issues from happening, here’s what guests hoping to experience Frozen Ever After should remember as Disney continues to iron out the issues currenitly happening with this attraction.

A spot in the stand-by line does not guarantee you a ride 

While having a FastPass+ reservation for a given attraction is obviously preferable to waiting in stand-by, waiting in the slow lane is something that most Disney guests will do at some point during a visit to a Disney park. While waiting in line for a long time certainly isn’t ideal, guests who see a 70 minute wait time for an attraction are making an unsaid agreement that in exchange for their 70 minutes of shuffling, they will be assured a ride on their desired attraction.

However, though this seems like common sense, unfortunately this simply hasn’t been happening at Frozen Ever After, due to the aforementioned downtime. Currently, when the ride goes down, Cast Members have been completely emptying the exterior stand-by queue, advising guests who have been waiting (sometimes for hours) to return later in the day for the chance to line up in the stand-by line again later to try again. And if you are unfortunate enough to be waiting in the stand-by line during technical issues in the afternoon and evening, Cast Members may remove you from the interior queue as well. Even if you are just feet away from the loading area, if the ride goes down, depending on the time of day, you may still be asked to leave. 

If you have a FastPass+ reservation, you are guaranteed a ride under the current system (assuming of course that you are willing to wait around in line in case of a closure), but if you are planning on waiting in the stand-by line, know that simply being in the line does not guarantee you a ride on Frozen Ever After. If technical issues do occur, it doesn't matter how long you’ve waited, you will likely be asked to leave the queue and return later. 



Has the ride been running more smoothly (fewer glitches/closings) now since it has been open for several months? We were unable to secure a FastPass and will be there in 4 weeks.

Still breaking down regularly. Twice last week on different days, the ride broke down and had to be closed when we were queuing for it. So never got to go on it. Very frustrating especially when it eats into your valuable time at these parks. Disney really should be doing better and should not have opened it until all issues had been fixed but I suppose they wanted to trick Frozen fans into the park over the summer period before it was ready. At least, we hadn't queued for that long unlike the other poor souls who had been queuing for hours. At least Soaring is a joy.

I was in Epcot 2 days before the official opening and was really shocked that Disney didn't do any type of soft openings for this attraction. I know that this was a reworking of Maelstrom, but there are enough new elements to have justified soft openings to work out the kinks. Now, the guests are paying the price with very un-Disney like experiences.

Had a fast pass on opening day and waiting almost an hour. Not sure if it was really worth it, but at least I can say that I got to ride it already. The animatronics froze at the very end so not clue what the last scene is supposed to be.

Wow. Wait 4.5 hours and have disney say nope. Come back later. That's harsh. Especially by Disney standards. I would think some sort of compensation would be in order.

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