Character meet and greets are a big part of what makes a trip to Walt Disney World so special, and in recent months Disney has taken it upon themselves to make a number of improvements and changes to their character lineup. While not all of these changes have been popular with guests, Disney is constantly making adjustments to try and make their character offerings as diverse as possible while still keeping things running efficiently around the parks.

As the busy summer travel season kicks off at Walt Disney World, a number of character meet and greet locations have been shuffled around at both Epcot and the Magic Kingdom, which may surprise guests looking for their old favorites in familiar spots. However, the biggest character change quietly took effect just a few days ago that brings an updated "look" to two of Walt Disney World's resident princesses... 

1. Pocahontas and Mulan get costume changes 

Walt Disney World surprised guests this past weekend by debuting new looks for two fan favorite characters. First up is Pocahontas, who meets guests at the Discovery Island Trail at Disney's Animal Kingdom, and is now sporting a more ornate outfit. Her new dress is quite a bit more stylized than her previous outfit, and now features some impressive shell detail, beading, a new necklace, and even a new hair accessory. You can check out her former outfit below, which is a little closer to the version of Pocahontas’ dress in the film, but seems a little basic when compared with her new duds. 

Image: Disney

Next up is Mulan, who has also gotten a costume upgrade for her meet and greet at Epcot’s China pavilion. As you can see below, Mulan has traded in her previous “matchmaker” outfit from the film for something a little more ornate that looks like a mash-up between her previous outfit and the dress that she wears near the end of the movie. Though her new outfit isn’t specifically like any that is seen in the Mulan film, it does look a little bit more ornate, and features a more varied color palette. 

While these costume changes are not super dramatic, they are defintiely noticeable (especially to character fans!), and opinion seems to be split as to whether these outfit changes for both of these official princesses are a good thing or a bad thing. What do you think?

Though these new outfits are certainly noticeable, there are also some other character meet and greet changes happening elsewhere at Walt Disney World as well... 



Seeing as how I have not been to the parks, nor do I find myself visiting the parks because of an ongoing battle with poverty, I don't know how I should feel about this.

This makes me no sense! Stitch actually has a ride in Tomorrowland...why put him in Main Street when that would be the most logical place for Chip n Dale?!? I do not like the new Pocahontas look...the old one was way better with the blue necklace....and why would you move Daisy from Mexico...when Donald has the 3 Caballeros ride? That actually made a little bit of sense....What connection does Pluto even have there? It's like WDW keeps changing things just for the bit of change...and it's so stupid!! Sadly, the only thing that makes any bit of sense on this list is bringing back Anna & Elsa to Epcot..for obvious reasons.

I like the original better. It represents the classic films much better. I could easily see myself walk right by either character in Epcot and not know it's supposed to be them because of the change in outfit.

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