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Is Disney About to Close One of Epcot's Most Iconic Attractions?

Has the Innoventions concept failed?

Image: Disney

You might not realize it if you haven’t been to Innoventions in a while, but after the assumed closure of The Sum of All Thrills later this month, there will only be two exhibits left in the Innoventions East space: Storm Struck and the recently opened Colortopia. And considering the soft popularity both of these exhibits, Innoventions seems like it is on the road to permanent closure, and will likely endure a fate similar to the Wonders of Life, which was also closed after winding down attractions after a lost sponsorship.

Putting this in the context of Future World as a whole, which has already replaced half of Innoventions with character meet and greets, and educational attractions like The Living Seas and Wonders of Life with a character-based dark ride and a festival center, and it feels like we're seeing Future World erode before us. Though it was undeniable that Disney's Hollywood Studios needed updating, if Innoventions fails (as it looks like it is going to pending the full closure of Innoventions), Epcot has to be updated next, as this park is losing a lot in a short amount of time, and the World Showcase can only support Future World for so long. However, though things look gloomy now, there may yet be some hope... 

Could a last-minute sponsorship save the day?

Image: Disney 

The loss of The Sum of All Thrills is certainly a bad sign, and considering Disney's penchant for just closing things up without much notice after events like this, it is easy to conclude that Innoventions is on the way out. However, there might just a tiny glimmer of hope for those who might be sad to see this piece of Future World go away forever. If Disney can land a last-minute sponsor sometime in the very near future (we're talking about before the end of 2016) for another blockbuster attraction similar to the Sum of All Thrills that can function as another anchor that could boost remaining exhibits Colortopia and Storm Struck, Innoventions East might yet be saved.

A last-second sponsorship deal is certainly a long shot, but crazier things have happened at Walt Disney World, and something like this could not only save Innoventions from being mothballed, but perhaps even reinvigorate this downsized attraction and perhaps restore it to some of its former glory.

Image: Disney

Barring something like the situation described above happening at Innoventions, we wouldn't be surprised if the remaining Innoventions exhibits are closed by this time next year, with Disney either converting the remaining Innoventions space into even more character meet and greets or, worse, leaving this building standing vacant. 

What do you think about the imminent closure of The Sum of All Thrills? Will you miss this popular Innoventions attraction? And do you think this attraction can survive without its most popular exhibit? Or is this corner of Future World doomed to closure? Let us know your thoughts below! 

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There are 7 comments.

I disliked sum of all thrills, it made me feel sick! However, I love innoventions as a concept. People just don't seem to know it exists or what it is and therefore don't take time out to go and look at it. I adored the great piggy bank adventure and miss that! Would love to see more exhibits in there.

I wonder why the bilion $ company that Disney is needs sponsors for their rides? It's not that they don't charge enough to enter their magical world....

We loved this ride and had no issue with the wait. This park losing rides is a joke. Disney is going backwards and universal forwards.

They have to do something soon. The 50th year anniversary is 5 years away. I am pretty sure the Walt Disney Co. would want to have everything filled with some type of attraction. I know I'll be there during the 5oth. I have been there for the 15,20,25,30,35,40 and will be there in November to add the 45th. Animal Kingdom should be completed. And Whatever they call the Studios should be completed. MK is all set unless they want to add something else. EPCOT is in need of a big overhaul. Just keep your fingers crossed...

First off innoventions is hardly iconic, let's not be dramatic. If they decide to close sum of all thrills, it's because universal, Harry Potter and the forbidden journey to be specific, is supposed to be the only place using the koka arm technology. So maybe that is why, but Epcot needs a dramatic overhaul, now.

My family and I loved SOAT and went on it several times each time we were there. We'll be disappointed if it's not there next time we go back.

These rumors are 100% categorically false.


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