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4 Unexpected Problems Shanghai Disneyland is Facing in its Soft Opening

3. The familiar food problem 

Image: Disney

If you’re a Disney history buff, chances are good you know all about Disneyland’s disastrous opening day, which included melting pavement, plumbing issues, and massive food supply issues.

Though it has been sixty years since that dreadful opening day, that last point is especially important, as guests who have been to Shanghai Disneyland’s technical rehearsal have also reported a lack of food options in the park, and when something is available, the price is inflated 3-4 times what locals are used to. While some of that can be chalked up to general Disney upcharges (after all, a burger and fries at the Magic Kingdom is generally $10 when a Big Mac meal is less than half that price at a McDonald’s outside the park) it looks like there could be some pushback on this point from local guests, and Disney may tweak its food pricing structure for this market before opening day in order to keep guests happy (and not hungry!) 

4. Keeping it clean 

Image: Disney

It’s easy to take how clean Disney parks around the world are for granted. However, any janitorial Cast Member that works at a Disney park will tell you that it takes a village working nearly around the clock to keep every inch of the resort squeaky clean. And unfortunately, it looks like Shanghai Disneyland might need to hire a few extra staff.

During a recent holiday, throngs of guests swarmed the Disney Town shopping District, looking to spend some time at Shanghai Disneyland before its opening. And according to the South China Morning Post, this massive amount of guests overwhelmed Cast Members, trampling flower beds, leaving trash, and even in some extreme cases, vandalizing structures like lamp posts.

Though the Shanghai Disneyland Cast Members were eventually able to get the mess left by this huge crowd cleaned up, several images (like the ones above) have been circulating online via social media showing some of the destruction that happened while the guests were still swarming, which has been a bit of a PR black eye for Disney. However, the good news is that Disney has no doubt learned from this early experience, and is likely beefing up its janitorial staff right now and giving its Cast Members extra training to prevent such a situation from happening again. 

Image: Disney

Though there are plenty of issues that Shanghai Disneyland needs to sort out before it welcomes its first public guests, the good news is that the park has been able to identify these weak spots thanks to the technical rehearsal period, and will hopefully be able to fix all these minor problems before the resort's official opening day on June 16th. Are you planning on visiting Shanghai Disneyland Resort any time soon? Why or why not? 

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There are 7 comments.

Let the helium out of the balloon before you get to the train station, fold up balloon, take balloon home, pin or tape balloon to wall of bedroom. PROBLEM SOLVED.

hydrogen gas? I doubt it

You say that balloons are banned on the Metro due to the Hydrogen gas. Doesn't Disney fill the balloons with Helium in China like they do in the rest of the world?
Helium is an inert gas with with no side effects, apart from a squeaky voice if inhaled.

I'm sure they do. But who's to say someone couldn't take a Mickey-like balloon, fill it with hydrogen, and ignite it on a train?

The average price of a fast food meal in the US is $7. I'm not sure what McDonald's you're referring too. Disney food prices are pretty comparable to buying food in any large city.

It's Disney's fault that people trashed the place? How about people learn to toss their trash and not vandal? I am sure the staff was working hard to keep it clean. Yes, I am sure they hired more sweepers... and security.

The stateside parks are squeaky clean? Hardly. Those days are long gone, well before everyone started blaming Shanghai for cutbacks.
And please, enough already about the "swarm" vandalizing the shopping plaza. All of the reports have been massively overstated. This stuff happens in the stateside parks all the time. All. The. Time.
What is it with all the Orlando bloggers and the Shanghai hate? Much ado about nothing.


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